Mr. Lexx’s grievances with the largest independent label and distributor of Caribbean music, VP Records, has finally subsided after the entertainer took to social media to share that he had a successful meeting with the organization’s CEO, Chris Chin. Two days ago, Lexx thrashed the record label for what he classified as shady and conniving … Continue reading VP Records Urges Mr. Lexx To Re-Examine Contract, Deejay Satisfied After Meeting

Kanye West and Elon Musk are teaming up for a Clubhouse meeting, which is expected to be a must-listen for those who have access to the audio-only platform frequented by celebrities who are known to often share their thoughts unabashed. Clubhouse has become very popular among the iPhone community, which has given those users exclusive … Continue reading Kanye West and Elon Musk Set To Make Joint Clubhouse Appearance

Dismissing fears of legal action against manufacturing facilities, including imprisonment of the CEO or temporarily sealing of the factory if an employee tests positive for Covid-19 on the premises during lockdown, the Centre on Thursday clarified that there is no such clause in the consolidated revised guidelines of April 15 and such apprehensions are ‘misplaced’.

The former managing director and CEO of the private lender was arrested by the ED here on March 8 under provisions of the PMLA (Prevention of Money Laundering Act) as he was allegedly not cooperating in the probe related to the crisis at Yes Bank which has been placed under moratorium by the RBI.

Robert (Bob) Iger abruptly stepped aside as Walt Disney’s chief executive officer, handing the reins to theme parks head Bob Chapek after years of speculation over who would succeed the longtime CEO of the world’s largest entertainment company. Iger will stay to direct creative endeavours through 2021 as Chapek lands one of the most coveted … Continue reading Robert Iger makes surprise exit from Disney

Blacc Zacc – Carolina Narco Lyrics

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[Intro] Still movin’ work like the Narcos Big racks on me, Wells Fargo Told y’all I feel like the Narcos or somethin’ All black diamonds like charcoal Met me a plug named Pedro Carolina drug dealer He introduced me to Diego, haha The Diego get me the peso, CEO motherf**ker (Kio, Kio) All white bricks like mayo, hold up … Continue reading Blacc Zacc – Carolina Narco Lyrics

The LinkedIn professional networking service is getting a new CEO. Jeff Weiner will become executive chairman after 11 years as CEO of the Microsoft-owned business. Ryan Roslansky, senior vice president of product, will become CEO as of June 1. Weiner said the timing felt right personally and professionally, with a ready successor.

The IBM board of directors elected Krishna as company CEO and member of the board of directors effective April 6. Krishna is currently IBM senior vice president for cloud and cognitive software and will succeed Rometty, 62 who will retire after almost 40 years with the company at the end of the year.

Jessica Dime – Disrespectful Lyrics

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[Intro] I’m so disrespectful I’m so disrespectful I’m so disrespectful When I walk in the door I be deliberately disrespectin’ their ass [Hook] I’m so disrespectful I’m so disrespectful I’m so disrespectful I’m so disrespectful Disrespecting these hoes (shoes!) Disrespecting these hoes (clothes!) Disrespecting these hoes (cash!) Disrespecting these hoes (man!) [Verse 1] They envious … Continue reading Jessica Dime – Disrespectful Lyrics

Blacc Zacc – Chump Change Lyrics

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[Intro] I still got the bag in the city, come and get it (Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah) Yeah, yeah, Neeko, you made that motherf**kin’ beat? Ah, nah, you ain’t make that motherf**ker This ain’t nothin’ but some chump change, dog (Yeah, yeah) [Chorus] I just signed a deal for a muh’f**kin’ ticket (Ticket) I still got them bags in … Continue reading Blacc Zacc – Chump Change Lyrics

Rashesh Shah, chairman and CEO of Edelweiss, in a letter to media has said that neither he nor his group has any connection with Capstone — a forex firm under investigation with the enforcement directorate.

K. Michelle – Supa Hood Lyrics

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Play this song [Intro] B-beats for the stars [Verse 1: K. Michelle] 901 on my phone comin’ through Young nigga, street dude, 22 Sorry, I’m not ’bout to play wit’ you (I’m so sorry) ‘Cause if we fuckin’, you fuck off, then I’ma shoot (Shoot, yeah, shoot) Memphis niggas drive me crazy (Crazy) I may let him fuck and … Continue reading K. Michelle – Supa Hood Lyrics

Famous Dex – CEO Lyrics

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[Intro: Pachino & Famous Dex] Yeah (you know) Ah, had to sip that lemon water, you know Talk my shit heavily (yeah, heavily, man) Lotta shit changed in the past few years, you know Less friends, more money though (yeah, what) Huh, count up Huh, yeah (skrrt) Uh, yeah (skrrt, talk your shit, Chino) [Verse … Continue reading Famous Dex – CEO Lyrics