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DJ Envy and his wife Gia, along with their extended family, have been plunged into mourning following the death of Gia’s mother, Norma Grante. DJ Envy announced the sad news on Wednesday (May 5) in a social media post. While the DJ and radio host did not reveal Grante’s cause of death, the sadness in … Continue reading DJ Envy Announces His Wife Gia Casey’s Mother Has Died

DJ Khaled has assembled a star-studded dancehall lineup for his new album with Koffee, Bounty Killer, Capleton, Buju Banton, Barrington Levy, and other artists. The album called Khaled Khaled” is almost ready at 98% done, according to the legendary music producer who is in Jamaica. DJ Khaled has always been a fan of and includes … Continue reading DJ Khaled’s ‘Khaled Khaled’ Album Features All-Star Dancehall Lineup, Koffee, Bounty Killer & More

Stromae – House’llelujah Lyrics

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Au nom du rythme, et du chant Je cris House’llelujah, House’llelujah! Bénie soit la musique et House’llelujah House’llelujah! House’llelujah House’llelujah House’llelujah House’llelujah J’ai prié dieu pendant des heures, On m’a dit qu’il était trop vieux pour tout nos pleures Qu’il est trop riche pour écouté nos pauvres cœurs Qu’il est trop pris, qu’il est femme, … Continue reading Stromae – House’llelujah Lyrics

Snoop Dogg and TIDAL are joining forces with Facebook’s Oculus for a virtual DJ event. While we all hope that the effects and restrictions of the coronavirus pandemic are slowly coming to an end, there is no definite conclusion in sight. This means that artists are continuing to find new and innovative ways to connect … Continue reading Snoop Dogg Join Forces With TIDAL & Facebook’s Oculus For A Virtual DJ Event

[Tee Grizzley:] Ah Ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, ah DJ on the beat so it’s a banger I ain’t goin’ back and forth with niggas ‘less it’s on the track Me and broski twinnin’, winnin’, rappin’, still’ll twist your cap (Grrah) Gave my momma all that time, she did ten and gave that back Now your … Continue reading Tee Grizzley – Gave That Back Lyrics (feat. Baby Grizzley)

Dua Lipa – Ball & Chain Lyrics

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Play this song [Intro] Keep on lightin’ me up, on lightin’ me up On lightin’ it up Lightin’ me up, on lightin’ me up On lightin’ it up Keep on lightin’ me up, on lightin’ me up On lightin’ it up Lightin’ me up, on lightin’ me up On lightin’ it up [Chorus] Ain’t no ball and chain Shine … Continue reading Dua Lipa – Ball & Chain Lyrics

P.o.s – Fuck Your Stuff Lyrics

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Yeah, LazerBeak And DTR, Doomtree Rhymesayers Entertainment Marijuana Deathsquads, oh [Hook] My whole crew’s on some shit Scuffing up your Nikes, spitting on your whip Kicking out your DJ, rock it then we dip [Verse 1] Looking out the window like Malcolm Just when I thought this culture was open they go and doubt him … Continue reading P.o.s – Fuck Your Stuff Lyrics

[Chorus: P Money] When you hear this on the station Tell the DJ keep that (Running) I said when you hear this on the station Tell the DJ keep that (Running) All my nine-to-fivers that’s grinding To keep that electric and water (running) All my young dargs on the roadside Don’t get caught slipping, keep … Continue reading Filthy Gears – Running Lyrics (feat. P Money)

DeJ Loaf – Bubbly Lyrics

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Play this song [Intro] Hey London can you bring me a lighter real quick That might be my tag for my producer shit When I start makin’ beats (What’s the problem?) Oh I’m goin’ in let me do the whole song [Verse 1] It’s my birthday, hey It’s my birthday, hey She gon’ get to twistin’ on the pole with her legs Please don’t … Continue reading DeJ Loaf – Bubbly Lyrics

Stange land, in the midst of trouble [Verse 1: Quilly] Uh, yeah, 50 missed calls, a 100 text messages Treated me like peasant Now they call me cuz I’m relevant Ridin’ to my shows, Mordecai like the President Uh, digital ruler; still measuring 5 star dishes, etiquette, real elegance Still eat at the (?) to … Continue reading Quilly – Strange Land Lyrics (feat. City Rominiecki)

Jr Jr – Low Lyrics

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[Verse 1] Saturday slept away I go out catatonic In a maze full of fake Conversations I don’t want it All the eyes are asking “What can you do for me?” All the looks are saying “Nothing in life is free” [Pre-Chorus] ‘Cause time is money And money’s got good friends I lost myself Somebody … Continue reading Jr Jr – Low Lyrics

Tellaman – Dandy Lyrics

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[Pre-Hook] I’m a dandy, I’m a dandy I’m a dandy, I’m a dandy [Hook] I’m a dandy Dripping swag, dripping swag I’m a dandy Dripping swag, dripping swag I’m a dandy Dripping swag, dripping swag I’m a dandy Dripping swag, dripping swag [Verse 1] I’m ahead, that’s why they talk behind my back When the … Continue reading Tellaman – Dandy Lyrics