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[Chorus: MoneyBagg Yo & Y. Gizzle]x2 Let’s double our cups Let’s drink up some drank Let’s get under influenced My dick is a drug She say she in love that bitch under influenced Pop a zan Pop a perk Pop a molly Paparazzi, Paparazzi I know they watching [Verse 1: MoneyBagg Yo] Under influenced on … Continue reading Moneybagg Yo – Under Influence Lyrics (feat. Y Gizzle)

Chief Keef might want to make a New Year’s Resolution to stay off drugs. The Chi-Town rapper had at least 8 different drugs in his system during his DUI arrest last year, TMZ reported. Keef was arrested in Miami in April last year after cops say they spotted him conducting a marijuana transaction in the … Continue reading Chief Keef Had 8 Different Drugs In His System In DUI Arrest

Tweet Share Fetty Wap found himself behind bars early this morning for DUI and drag racing in New York City. Law enforcement reported that the Patterson rapper was caught racing another driver at very high speed at around 1 AM on Friday morning, TMZ reported. After pulling him over in his Mercedes-Benz, cops say they … Continue reading Fetty Wap Arrested For DUI and Drag Racing

Yo Gotti – Oh Yeah Lyrics

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[Intro: Yo Gotti & Choppa] (Choppa style, chop chop, choppa style) (Choppa style, chop chop) She want (chop chop) She want (chop chop) She want (chop chop) (She love chop chop) [Chorus: Yo Gotti] If you gettin’ your own money, holla (oh yeah) You got them bottles in your section, holla (oh yeah) If your … Continue reading Yo Gotti – Oh Yeah Lyrics


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[Hook x2] I’m sodomizing your bitch till the dawn break Hands around her neck till she red faced Buddha on my throat cuz I meditate You fuckin waste of space Don’t you procreate [Verse 1] Soon as the moon hit its peak Bound your hands and feet Placing my hand on your face Uttering Latin … Continue reading GHOSTEMANE – Rapture