Robin Kenyatta :: Girl From Martinique Funky: the last descriptor one would ever reach for while describing an ECM record…but that’s exactly what this is! Released in 1970, Robin Kenyatta’s lone ECM effort, Girl From Martinique, finds the reedman employing the clavinet vamp of Wolfgang Dauner, swathes of reverb, electronics, and the rhythm section of … Continue reading Robin Kenyatta :: Girl From Martinique

Wadada Leo Smith :: Transmissions Welcome back. Our guest this week on the show is Wadada Leo Smith, trumpeter, music theorist, and composer. Over his many years, he’s pioneered his own musical notation system, helped popularize and contextualize Miles Davis’s electric period, and has played with a wide set of collaborators including Bill Frisell, Pauline … Continue reading Wadada Leo Smith :: Transmissions

John Surman :: Upon Reflection (ECM)

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John Surman :: Upon Reflection (ECM) Here’s something to get lost in, the hypnotic world of British reedman John Surman, courtesy of his 1979 ECM effort, Upon Reflection. Recorded in Oslo, with production helmed by Manfred Eicher, the recording finds Surman in widescreen form experimenting with sequencers and synthesizers in addition to his duties working … Continue reading John Surman :: Upon Reflection (ECM)