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[Intro: Gucci Mane] Tay Keith, f*ck these niggas up (Ha) (Fizzle, go) [Verse 1: BiC Fizzle] Designer, my body on focus Really been runnin’ up commas, you notice? Right on the block where I’m posted How he a trapper, play sports and a poet? 1017, I’m with Wop and them boys Fizzle’ll mind it, but … Continue reading Bic Fizzle – On God Lyrics (feat. Gucci Mane & Cootie)

[Intro] One Take DD [Verse] Painted with purple to match with my syrup My choppa got titties to match with my girl (skrrt) Niggas say that they rich but I know that they capping Draco in the trunk and you bet I’ma blast it Bank and deposits and clockin’ Dre’s ashes I’m smashing the gas … Continue reading Lil Gnar – Wants and Needs (Drake & Lil Baby Remix) Lyrics

[Verse 1: G Herbo] Uh, I used to be trippin’ like a motherf**ker, uh That’s ’cause I ain’t listen to a motherf**ker Used to take a Crush and pour a six up in that motherf**ker Ran it up and now I’m richer than a motherf**ker And I’m glistenin’ like a motherf**ker (Motherf**ker) I say f**k ’em all, ’cause they … Continue reading G Herbo – By Any Means Lyrics (feat. 21 Savage)

Lil’ Baby & Gunna – Heatin Up Lyrics

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[Intro] (Cook that shit up, Quay) 4PF look like we hit licks how we sell bricks We don’t sell shit, we just make hits, yeah Turn up [Verse 1: Lil Baby] Keepin’ my composure, never sober Never chokin’, always smokin doja f**k ’em if they gettin’ over Got a Moncler coat because the kid the coldest I ain’t changed, … Continue reading Lil’ Baby & Gunna – Heatin Up Lyrics

[Intro] Who made this shit? TayTay made the beat Ayy, f**k all you niggas, yeah Yeah, free Choppa Boy (You know the don dada, yeah) We step on anything, and still steppin’, nigga (Look) [Verse 1] Went to the bank, I left with fifty in my pocket, nigga Gang, I been tryna leave ’em blank, this on your noggin, nigga I got juveniles who … Continue reading Youngboy Never Broke Again – Knocked Off Lyrics

[Verse 1: Quilly] Drop back to back, no chill button Murder these rappers, I’ma kill somethin’ I was on house arrest; still buzzin’ You can put a ring on her, and, she still f**kin’ How niggas’ strapped down and they’re still runnin’? f**ked money up, got back, still stuntin’ You in line waiting on the … Continue reading Quilly – Been Wavy Lyrics (feat. Spade O)

[Intro: Skippa Da Flippa & Jay Fizzle] Whole gang It’s Fizzle with me nigga Big Grape Flippa [Verse 1: Skippa Da Flippa] I don’t wear Fendi, chase after benjis, only Givenchy I only call gangsters, I know they shootin’, they leavin’ no witness You say that you slidin’, you know I’m ridin’ I am so … Continue reading Jay Fizzle – Blue Hunnids Lyrics (feat. Flippa)

Lil Baby – Ready Lyrics

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[Intro] Metro Boomin want some more, nigga [Chorus: Gunna] In that fast thing, speedin’ through the city (Skrrt, skrrt) Panoramic brain, and my dash digi’ (Dash digi’) Motherfuck the fame, all my niggas litty (Lit) Backwood to the face, I don’t smoke no Philly (Nah) Drip, drippin’ sauce like I’m chili (Sauce) Let that mink … Continue reading Lil Baby – Ready Lyrics

YBN Nahmir – Bail Out

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[Hook] We come to your block and we air it out Yellin’ free all my niggas, just let ’em out 30 clip hit a nigga for standing out We finessin’ the plug and we bailin’ out We come to your block and we air it out Yellin’ free all my niggas, just let ’em out … Continue reading YBN Nahmir – Bail Out

[Intro: Project Youngin] It’s the Youngin ho This Project Youngin man, can’t tell me nothin’ man Ain’t no more Levis man, ain’t no more Trues, ayy [Chorus: Project Youngin] Ain’t seen my face in a while so now they callin’ She say she miss me, wanna kiss it, I’m like aw man These ain’t skinny … Continue reading Project Youngin – Balmains (feat. Lil Baby)

Yo Gotti – Betrayal

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[Refrain] They tried play me My own squad tried betray me Never love these bitches ’cause they played me Can’t leave these streets because they paid me I can’t believe they tried betray me I can’t believe they tried betray me I can’t believe they tried betray me I won’t let these niggas faze me … Continue reading Yo Gotti – Betrayal