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EARTHGANG – Top Down Lyrics

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Play this song [Intro: Johnny Venus] Doctor told me I should rest But I ain’t gon’ never ever quit I like girls with pretty feet, yeah And jeans that’ll never ever fit, yeah, yeah, yeah [Chorus: Johnny Venus] Top down (Yeah) And I’m floatin’ through the city, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Watch out (On the run) Deputy out to … Continue reading EARTHGANG – Top Down Lyrics

Part 1 – Fish [Verse 1] Slip it in her drink, and in the blink of an eye I can make a white girl look chink Don’t know what to think, ’cause last time I attempted this shit The judge ordered me to see a shrink Started with the link Contended her to meet me … Continue reading Tyler, The Creator – Fish / Boppin’ Bitch (feat. Frank Ocean) lyrics

Lyrics Calvin Harris – Slide She swallowed the bottle while I sit back and smoke gelato Walk in my mansion 20 thousand, paintin’ Picasso B*tches be dippin’, dabbin’ with niggas like a nacho Took off her panties, diamonds dancin’ like Rick Ricardo She…(slide) Do you slideee on all your lies like this? Do you try … Continue reading Slide – Calvin Harris feat. Migos & Frank Ocean lyrics