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Spiegel: relations between Germany and Poland have escalated due to the supply of weapons to Ukraine In exchange for the tanks that Poland supplies to Ukraine, Warsaw expects to receive the latest Leopard tanks from Germany, its NATO partner, but Berlin has not yet done so, the newspaper notes Relations between Germany and Poland have … Continue reading Spiegel learned about the “stuck” negotiations between Germany and Poland on tanks

The newspaper reported on a difficult conversation between the head of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry and the head of the German Defense Ministry on the supply of Gepard tanks. Kuleba demanded an honest answer on this issue. Earlier it was reported that Germany had no ammunition for tanks Dmitry Kuleba Minister of Foreign Affairs of … Continue reading Welt reported that Kuleba “lost his temper” in a conversation with the Minister of Germany

According to Finance Minister Christian Lindner, such an idea is being discussed among the member countries of the G7 and the EU, certain proposals have been received. At the same time, in the case of a possible confiscation of the assets of the Russian elite, one must strictly follow the law ” alt=”German Minister of … Continue reading The Minister of Germany said that he was “politically open” to the idea of ​​arresting the assets of the Central Bank

According to the head of the Russian Foreign Ministry, under Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholze, Germany lost its independence. Scholz hesitated for a long time about the supply of heavy weapons to Ukraine, but followed the example of other Western countries 756527786786845.jpg” alt=”Lavrov announced the “loss of signs of independence” of Germany under Scholz” /> Sergey … Continue reading Lavrov announced the “loss of signs of independence” of Germany under Scholz

At the same time, the diplomat noted that in Germany there is a “political order” not to use gas from Russia and reduce dependence on Moscow Russian Ambassador to Germany Sergei Nechaev expressed hope that the German authorities will eventually return to the Nord Stream gas pipeline project; 2". The diplomat stated this on the … Continue reading Russian Ambassador to Germany expressed hope for the launch of Nord Stream 2

The flow of allegations of discrimination from Russian citizens living in Germany has decreased significantly since the start of the special operation in Ukraine, RBC was told at the Russian Embassy in Germany Entrance to the sports hall of the German-Russian Lomonosov school after the arson in Berlin Potok statements from Russian citizens facing discrimination … Continue reading The Russian Embassy announced a decrease in cases of discrimination against Russians in Germany

Russia approved the sanctions list, which included the former “daughters” of “Gazprom”. According to the head of the Ministry of Economy of Germany, due to sanctions, Germany will be forced to conclude new contracts for the supply of gas, possibly at a higher price Russian retaliatory sanctions against Gazprom Germania GmbH and its subsidiaries mean … Continue reading Germany warns of increase in gas prices due to Russia’s retaliatory sanctions

Germany is helping Ukraine as Russian President Putin has “endangered peace in Europe,” German Chancellor Scholz stressed Olaf Scholz Russia leaves Germany no choice but to supply weapons to Ukraine. This was stated by German Chancellor Olaf Scholz at the congress of the Association of German Trade Unions, M & uuml; nchner Merkur reports. “[Russian … Continue reading Scholz said that Russia forced Germany to supply weapons to Ukraine

It may include gas consumption rationing, primarily for households, as well as economic support measures for enterprises, including loans and guarantees Germany is developing an action plan that it will implement if Russia suddenly decides to cut off gas supplies, Reuters reports, citing sources. As one of the possible measures, the rationing of gas consumption … Continue reading Reuters reported on the preparation of Germany’s plan in the event of a Russian shutdown of gas

German Minister Schulze warns of the worst famine since World War II The world is facing “the worst famine since World War II” due to drought, the coronavirus pandemic and the conflict in Ukraine The drought, the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic, and the fighting in Ukraine threaten to exacerbate the situation of hunger … Continue reading Germany warns of worst famine since World War II

Germans remember the horrors of World War II and the genocide, Steinmeier said. After 1945, there was hope in Europe that politicians would not allow a recurrence of hostilities, but now that dream has failed, the German president said media/img/9/24/756520064383249.jpg” alt=”The President of Germany announced a “nightmare” instead of a dream of a “European home”” … Continue reading The President of Germany spoke about a “nightmare” instead of a dream of a “European home”

According to the publication, the supply of ZSU “Gepard” to Ukraine was suspended on May 3, after the authorities were unable to obtain “suitable ammunition” Delivery of German Gepard tanks promised to Ukraine; was suspended due to lack of necessary ammunition. This is reported by Welt, citing sources in the Ukrainian government. According to the … Continue reading Welt reported that Germany did not have ammunition for the tanks promised to Kyiv

Ukraine needs immediate support and modern weapons, but the German government is “still fighting with itself” and “justifying its inaction”, says Ambassador Andriy Melnyk Andrey Melnyk The German authorities are not doing enough to support for Ukraine, Andriy Melnyk, Ukrainian ambassador to Germany, said in an interview with Bild. According to the diplomat, the fact … Continue reading Ambassador criticized Germany’s “sluggish policy” towards Ukraine

In its lawsuit, Germany claims that Rome will continue to allow victims of Nazi war crimes to submit compensation requests from Berlin, even though the International Court of Justice ruled in 2012 that it was illegal Germany filed to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) against Italy due to disputes over compensation for damage caused … Continue reading Germany sues Italy at UN over Nazi damage dispute

According to Kirby, the training of the Ukrainian military will come at the expense of a military aid package recently approved by the United States for Kyiv The Pentagon has begun training Ukrainian servicemen in Germany on how to handle key Western weapons systems supplied to Kyiv, including radar stations and armored vehicles. This was … Continue reading The United States began to train the Ukrainian military in the handling of armored vehicles in Germany

Germany supported a ban on the import of Russian uranium. Problems with the harmonization of sanctions against the Russian nuclear industry may arise due to the dependence of Eastern European countries on Russian fuel, writes Development of the uranium deposit Germany supported the imposition of sanctions on the import of uranium and components for civil … Continue reading Politico learned that Germany supported the ban on imports of uranium from Russia

Reuters: Germany, following the US and the Netherlands, will send self-propelled howitzers to Kyiv Earlier, the United States announced its intention to transfer heavy weapons to Ukraine, including howitzers. The authorities of France and the Netherlands also spoke about the supply of self-propelled howitzers to Kyiv. “Reuters learned about Germany's intention to transfer self-propelled howitzers … Continue reading Reuters learned about Germany’s intention to transfer self-propelled howitzers to Ukraine

Shells are collected from the world one by one The Bundestag, the lower house of the German parliament, has approved by an absolute majority a resolution requiring the government to strengthen support for Ukraine, including the supply of heavy weapons. The appearance of the document was preceded by an intense political struggle, and there is … Continue reading Weapons from Germany for Ukraine turned out to be with a lot of flaws

The exercises will be held according to the program for this year, residents of the voivodships bordering Russia, Germany and Ukraine were warned about the movement of equipment Due to military exercises, there will be heavy traffic from May 1 until the end of the month military transport on the routes in the West Pomeranian, … Continue reading Poland announced exercises and movement of equipment near the borders with Ukraine and Germany

Bloomberg announced the rejection of the ruble payment from Gazprom Germania. Bloomberg agency, citing its sources, stated that “Gazprombank” rejected payment for the supply of gas fuel to Germany. It is noteworthy that the payment was made by the trading company Gazprom Marketing & Trading Ltd in rubles. The publication reports that payment was transferred … Continue reading Media: Gazprombank did not accept payments for gas in rubles for Austria and Germany

Photo: Bloomberg, citing sources in the EU, said that during the discussion of the ambassadors of the EU member states, Germany named the condition under which it would be ready to support the ban on Russian oil supplies. According to the report, Berlin will approve this proposal if the refusal is gradual. A similar … Continue reading Germany called the conditions for the imposition of an embargo on Russian oil

Photo: Global Look Press 18 figures of science and politics of Germany addressed the German Chancellor Olaf Scholz with a request to stop the supply of weapons to Ukraine. Among them is the former vice-president of the Bundestag, Antje Vollmer. The full text of the appeal was published by the Berliner Zeitung newspaper. It says … Continue reading Scholars and politicians in Germany urged to stop the supply of weapons to Ukraine

Germany has requested permission to supply Kyiv with ammunition for the German BMP Marder, which are produced in Zurich. The Swiss authorities refused, referring to the neutral status BMP Marder Switzerland refused Germany to supply Ukraine with ammunition for the Marder BMP, writes the Swiss newspaper SonntagsZeitung. Information about two requests from the German authorities … Continue reading Switzerland refused Germany to supply ammunition to Ukraine

Europe is on the brink of economic war Economic war has a beginning, but it has no end. Sanctions may soon fall on those who impose sanctions – on the part of those to whom these sanctions do not seem tough enough. In any case, the British The Telegraph calls for this. “If Germany does … Continue reading In London, they started talking about sanctions against Germany, which receives gas from Russia

According to the ex-head of Russian Railways, Zyuganov's statements about Vladimir Yakunin's stay in Germany are “absolutely false.” He noted that he expects that the head of the Communist Party, “as a decent person”, will bring him a public apology Vladimir Yakunin Former head of Russian Railways Vladimir Yakunin, in a conversation with RBC, denied … Continue reading Yakunin denied his departure to Germany and demanded an apology from Zyuganov

German Ombudsman Luise Amtsberg spoke out against the boycott of Russian culture and art Amtsberg reported that shops in Germany are removing works by Dostoevsky and Tolstoy from the shelves, which, in her opinion, is wrong Russian art and culture should not be subjected to persecution due to the conflict in Ukraine. This was stated … Continue reading Ombudsman of Germany spoke out against the boycott of Russian culture and art

RND: 140 cases opened in Germany due to support of the Russian military operation in Ukraine Some of them are related to the demonstration of the letter Z. More than 140 such cases have already been opened across the country, reports RND In Germany investigate more than 140 cases of support for Russia in the … Continue reading 140 cases opened in Germany due to support of Russian special operation

Berlin will allocate hundreds of millions of euros to Kiev for the purchase of weapons German Finance Minister Christian Lindner announced that Germany will increase the military support fund for foreign countries to 2 billion euros, most of which will go to Ukraine for purchase of weapons. Photo: Christian Lindner wrote on his microblog … Continue reading Germany promised to increase military aid to Ukraine

According to ARD, Ukraine will receive more than half of these funds, another €400 million will be sent to other countries Olaf Scholz German Chancellor Olaf Scholz intends to allocate €2 billion for additional military assistance, more than 1 billion will be sent to Ukraine, the German TV channel ARD reported. German Finance Minister Christian … Continue reading Germany increased military spending by €2 billion to help Ukraine

Photo: German Chancellor Olaf Scholz intends to increase the country's defense budget by 2 billion euros to help Ukraine. This is reported by Reuters, citing a source. According to the agency, about 400 million euros from the budget are intended for the European Peace Fund – it buys weapons for Ukraine. Part of other … Continue reading Germany will increase the defense budget to help Ukraine