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Application Deadline: February 21st 2018 British Council in collaboration with theAfrican Storybook Initiative invites writers and illustrators to participate in aresidential workshop for the production of mother-tongue based multilingual storybooks. The workshop is a component of the broader Story Making West Africa project which aims to promote the arts, education and mother-tongue based multilingual education … Continue reading British Council Residential Story Making West Africa workshop 2018 (Fully Funded)

Just few days after the death of popular Ghanaian singer, Ebony Reigns, a Ghanaian prophet, identified as Cosmos Walker Affran, has stirred up controversies in the country again after he claimed in a prophecy that one of the country’s top singers, Shatta Wale, is close to meeting his death. Recall that it … Continue reading “I see Ghana mourning in tears again & it was Shatta Wale” – Ghanaian Prophet says Shatta Wale will die soon, Shatta Wale Angrily Reacts

Tweet Share Chronixx is using his own resources and his star power for a worthy cause. The reggae singer announced on Instagram this week that he is building a school in Ghana and refurbishing another school in his homeland Jamaica. “We are now working with some of our elders of the Rastafari community and sisters … Continue reading Chronixx Building Schools In Jamaica and Ghana

[Intro] We could be free If we only knew we were slaves to the pains of each other One thing I believe I could learn To see my enemy as my brother Then we could be free, truly And love could wash away our sorrows I’m not afraid to bleed If it means, we’ll make … Continue reading Vic Mensa – We Could Be Free (On BBC Radio 1’s Piano Sessions) (Live)


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Lyrics to ‘SWAMP’ by Brockhampton: –Video Intro: Ameer Vann & Robert Ontenient– I could be here all day. You’re gonna tell me what I need to know. You’re gonna tell me. Are you gonna tell me? Come on, spit it out Me Ilamo Roberto y este es el camino al éxito. –Hook: Kevin Abstract & … Continue reading SWAMP

African Bad Gyal

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Lyrics to ‘African Bad Gyal’ by Wizkid: –Intro: WizKid– Yeah, StarBoy Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Let me hear you say, yeah, yeah Sarz on the beat Yaga –Verse 1: Wizkid– Them no born me yesterday Every gyal, want designer Them no born me yesterday I know say your love will cost me something … Continue reading African Bad Gyal

Lyrics Wizkid – African bad gyal Them no born me yesterday Evrey gyal, want designer Them no born me yesterday I know say your love will cost me something Girl you dey do me something something Ee dey do me like igbana I see the fire, bring the rice Burnin’ like a cigarette Baby girl … Continue reading African bad gyal – Wizkid feat. Chris Brown lyrics

[Intro] ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ [Hook] It’s the supreme alphabet ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ It’s the supreme alphabet ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ [Verse] [verse] A boy can die early from guns Held in justified killings like mike brown Now officers patrol quick trip returning soon To undermine violent weapons x yes zombies Africans became captured during explorer flaws Getting hauled in jumbo kits Looking … Continue reading Binary Star – Supreme Alphabet (Waterworld 3 Album)

Yeah, you must be throw’d You gon’ make them thangs come up out that load You ain’t built like that but you talk so cold Yeah, we know Hurts now, purps found cause a nigga squirt rounds Acting like ya wore a purse on turf grounds Like how his homies didn’t tell him to pull … Continue reading Tech N9ne – No Runnin To Ya Mama (The Storm Deluxe Edition Album)

[Bridge: Bonez MC] In a group of six in the Mercedes, because all guys have to come along A little bit of champagne for the girls and a fuck as a result No law, no rules – let’s make bucks Because it’s a good life like that – but never without my team [Verse 1: … Continue reading Bonez MC & RAF Camora – Ohne mein Team (English Translation) Lyrics