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[Chorus: Wiley] When I step up, man can’t step up This ain’t a setup but I run the setup You’re getting too comfy, rudeboy, better get up I ain’t gonna step down, blud, I’m gonna step up I do it like step up, man can’t step up This ain’t a setup but I run the … Continue reading Filthy Gears – Step Up Lyrics (feat. Wiley, Jammz, CapoLee & C Cane)

A trip to much of Europe will be more expensive from next month with Schengen visa fees set to increase to €80 from the current €60, officials said. A Schengen visa is needed for 26 European countries, including Austria, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Switzerland and Spain. The new fees will come into effect from February … Continue reading Schengen visa fee hiked to €80 from February 2

Jaden – I Lyrics

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Play this song PINK (PINK) WOOOO {HOOK} When I walk up they be sweating they be stressed (They be stressed) When they see us double everything in question (i don’t know) Treat these niggas like a prick gotta impress em’ (LETS GO) Got that power in a clique like a nephilim { Verse 1 } … Continue reading Jaden – I Lyrics

Blur – Girls And Boys

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Street’s like a jungle So call the police Following the herd Down to Greece On holiday Love in the nineties Is paranoid On sunny beaches Take your chances Looking for Girls who are boys Who like boys to be girls Who do boys like they’re girls Who do girls like they’re boys Always should be … Continue reading Blur – Girls And Boys