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Play this song [Verse 1: Consequence] Talking ’bout Cons get you karma How are you a star trying to hit ’em with drama I know you police is dressed as Big Momma Me, I’m dressed as Big Poppa Versace, Versace’s number one shopper With a trailer full of girls so they screamin’ out “Shabba” And … Continue reading Consequence – Black Skinhead (ConsTV Remix) Lyrics

[Intro (parts of President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s Farewell Address Jan. 17, 1961)] Good evening my fellow Americans. First I would like to express my gratitude to the radio and television networks for the opportunities they have given me over the years to bring reports and messages to our nation. We annually spend on military security … Continue reading Bishop Lamont – Un-American (feat. Ryu & Apathy) (The Reformation G.D.N.I.A.F.T Album)