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Popp Hunna – Ksubi Lyrics

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[Intro] Woo (That’s Jefe, man) Woah, yeah, uh [Chorus] Ksubi’s, huh, I rock ’em with the D&G’s Hater blockers, uh, I don’t see no enemies He a ssss, he ain’t no friend of me Ice on, uh, feelin’ like I’m ’bouta A fat bitch boosted my confidence Do what I want and you do what … Continue reading Popp Hunna – Ksubi Lyrics

[Intro: Westside Gunn] FLYGOD Ayo [Verse 1: Westside Gunn] Left the kitchen drenched, so much remixin’, we vicious Out in Oakland in the Rolls (Skrrt), might’ve been one of Felix’s Stuck with a dealer’s mentality Bricks on top of squares on the bed, we worth a God figure salary Got the dope stench stuck in the walls, Dior goggles (Ah) … Continue reading Westside Gunn – Hell on Earth, Pt. 2 Lyrics

Future is alluding to Lori Harvey on a new track with 42 Dugg. The relationship between Future and Lori Harvey, in retrospect, seems short-lived, but it was definitely one of the most high-profile matchups for both parties. The rapper who is nicknamed the ‘King of Fertility’ for his many baby mamas has always been known … Continue reading Future Disses Lori Harvey And Namedrop Steve Garvey In Leaked Song

[Verse 1: Page Kennedy] Being woke is the only option when you bear your soul and they poking a hole I see you in hell smoking up old then you scroll down your comments I’m as shook as an earthquake Imax killer man on a first date It’s undisputed that I’m sure as the hate … Continue reading Page Kennedy – Pain Lyrics (feat. Elzhi & Method Man)

Lori Harvey shared this sweet message in tribute to her “Nugget” on his birthday. Michael B Jordan is officially 34 today, and his girlfriend Lori Harvey made sure the world knows exactly how she feels about her man. In what can be described as a cute birthday tribute, she shared photos and videos of some … Continue reading Lori Harvey Shares Sweet Birthday Message For Michael B. Jordan Aka Nugget

W.e.n.a. – Sny 2.0 Lyrics

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[Zwrotka 1] Chyba nie mogę napisać, że jestem niedoceniony Po trzech albumach, czuję niedosyt po nich Rzadko ich słucham – gram, nie mogę zwolnić Nowa muzyka, nowe życie nowe domy Wciąż walczę, jedna z niewielu rzeczy bez zmian Urodziłem się by zwyciężać, nie potrafię przegrać Nie mogę pisać, że nie biorę hajsu za rap Zabawne, … Continue reading W.e.n.a. – Sny 2.0 Lyrics

Breland – My Truck Lyrics

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[Chorus] You can drink my liquor, you can call my lady You can take my money, you can smoke my blunt Scuff these Jordan’s, you can say you hate me You can call me crazy, but don’t touch my truck (Sku, sku) Skerrrerrrurrree (Yah, yah) skerrrerrrurrree Don’t touch my truck (Prr, yah) Skerrrerrrurrree (Woohoo) skerrrerrrurrree Don’t touch my- [Verse … Continue reading Breland – My Truck Lyrics

Sam Cooke – Deep River Lyrics

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Deep river, my home is over Jordan Deep river, Lord, I want to cross over into campground Oh, don’t you want to go to that gospel feast That promised land where all is peace Deep River, Lord,I want to cross over into campground Into campground

Klinac – Sve Ok Lyrics

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[Strofa 1] Pre dinu hteo sam da bilo gde odem Al’ gde god odem, pitam se: “Da l’ stvarno pripadam ovde?” Nikad nisam od onih koji te lažu da vole Na kraju krajeva nije ni bitno, svakako svako i ode Kad odeš, nemoj nikada da se vraćaš Za izdaju na vreme reći ću ti samo: “Hvala” Na nozi Jordan … Continue reading Klinac – Sve Ok Lyrics