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Wiz Khalifa – Alright Lyrics

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[Chorus: Trippie Redd] Said I’m alright (Alright) Everywhere I go, bitch I’m alright (Alright) Yeah, attracting bold bitches all night (All night) VVS them diamonds, bitch they all ice (All ice) Yeah, I’m telling you I’m alright (I’m alright) Yeah, said I’m telling you I’m alright (I’m alright) Yeah, said I’m telling you I’m alright … Continue reading Wiz Khalifa – Alright Lyrics

[Chorus: Pharrell] Seein’ things isn’t a good enough excuse When you are just sitting right there I know you ain’t just gon’ stare Bein’ things you never imagined, the possibility’s up in the air I know you ain’t just gon’ stare [Post-Chorus: Ty Dolla $ign] Saint Laurent my denim Reckless how I’m livin’ Brand new … Continue reading Ty Dolla $ign – Stare (feat. Pharrell Williams & Wiz Khalifa) lyrics

Young M.A – Praktice

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[Intro] Like we ain’t never ever go hard for this They don’t let us in, we bogartin’ this shit Yeah They talkin’ ’bout practice, bloody Like we don’t practice, bloody [Verse 1] Who said I don’t go hard? Bitch, I go so hard I don’t care who got it, we still in charge Fuck these … Continue reading Young M.A – Praktice

[Intro: Young Dolph & Wiz Khalifa] Pretty white bitches sniffin’ cocaine My trap house live like the "Soul Train" I had a dream when I was a young nigga (me too) Bad bitches Young live money, big pound of weed in that motherfucker Gang gang, yeah [Hook: Young Dolph] If she ain’t pretty, she can’t … Continue reading Young Dolph – On The River (feat. Wiz Khalifa) (Gelato Album)

[Chorus: Wiz Khalifa] You can’t wait too long (Who you know smoke more than the Gang?) Cuz opportunity comes and goes You can’t wait too long (Don’t worry I’ll wait) When you get another shot you never know You can’t wait too long (What up Al Pac!) Got no time for that, no time for … Continue reading Wiz Khalifa – Can’t Wait (feat. Alpac) (TGOD Vol. 1 Mixtape) letras