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Sean Paul deconstructs the relationship between Dancehall and Hip Hop/Rap music. Sean Paul recently appeared on Complex Brackets series, hosted by Brian “B. Dott” Miller to help crown the best Dancehall/Rap song of all time. Despite the interview being featured as a casual game show, the episode highlights some of the most iconic Dancehall/Rap features … Continue reading Sean Paul Talks Jamaican Music Influence On Rap & Biggest Crossover Collabs Of All Time

Nas is embracing his past beef with Jay-Z as part of his decorated legacy. Much like dancehall music, hip-hop is a deathless sport because it’s a deadly sport. Nas seems to agree that, similarly, hip-hop music will live on because it is such a competitive art form. As such, the rap mogul says he was … Continue reading Nas Is Honored That Jay-Z Beef Is A Big Part Of His Legacy