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While Romeich was partying with Diddy in Miami, Shenseea was flaunting her cakes. Romeich Major stepped his game up significantly and he has Shenseea‘s success to thank for that. Romeich spent last night in Los Angeles rubbing shoulders with hip-hop mogul Diddy. He chronicled the special moment in a post on his Instagram page. The … Continue reading Romeich Parties With Diddy While Shenseea Show off Her Cakes In Miami

[Part I: “Know Better”] [Intro: Headie One & Newsreader] Some say it’s a symptom of societal failings– It is a form of aggressive rap music known as drill They should know better [Part II: “Ain’t It Different”] [Intro: Headie One & Lady Saw] (Baby, are you up for this?) Suh, suh, s-s-s-suh (B-B-B-Baby, are you … Continue reading Headie One – Edna Medley (Live at the BRIT Awards 2021) Lyrics

[Intro] (Ayy, Mondo done made another one) (Sosa 808 got this beat knocking, nigga, ayy) [Chorus: Young Dolph] Jumped up out the car, locked the door, left it runnin’ (Yeah) Lamborghinis back to back, you know how we comin’ (That’s us) While you was in a bitch ear, I was in her stomach (Ah) Mmm-hmm, … Continue reading Young Dolph & Key Glock – Dummest & the Dummest Lyrics

[Verse 1: Demi Lovato] Thought when I grew up, I would be the same As the ones who gave me my last name I would not give in, I would not partake In the same old drugs everyone else takes [Pre-Chorus: Demi Lovato] I’m better than that, I’m better than that I’m livin’ my life … Continue reading Sam Fischer & Demi Lovato – What Other People Say (R3HAB Remix) Lyrics

Mj0.6 – Angel’stears Lyrics

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“There’s a saying “Yesterday is history” “Tomorrow is a mystery” “But today is a gift” “That is why it is called the present” I been shell shocked why I’m distant My heartbreak reminiscing Through some hard nights (yea) I’m still intact It hurt my soul when I’m thinking back Spin around opp block going tic … Continue reading Mj0.6 – Angel’stears Lyrics

Che Ecru – Infamy Lyrics

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[Intro] Yeah, I feel the pain, yeah, I feel everything Yeah, I feel the pain, yeah, I feel everything That won’t ever change, yeah, I feel everything That won’t ever change, see my diamond rings? I want time to change but I won’t ever change [Verse 1] So I’m smoked up with the gang Smoked till I can’t feel … Continue reading Che Ecru – Infamy Lyrics

Karan Aujla! Jamaa vi ni egoKadey forevigoKadey Mexico Bande poore kill niKarde aan chillKade dekhde na bill ni Karde aa kaareLaine aa nazaare Shehron baahr dereLA hundi raat hunde Vegas savere Gaddiyan ne kaim niNaddiyan ne fan niPiche piche line niJatt nu taan jatt nu taanRichie Rich kehn ni Royal Music Gang!J Lucky!Deep Jandu!Karan Aujla!Ha … Continue reading MEXICO Lyrics and Video Song – Karan Aujla

Oh my little jelly, get up on the telly Oh my little jelly, get up on the telly Every morning, something keeps you caught in your dreams LA is calling, but you always hang up and leave You’ve got everything that they want, in your own two feet Right here in this beat You’ve got … Continue reading Cory Wong – Juke On Jelly Lyrics (feat. Katis & Marti Fischer)

[Intro: ManMan Savage] WebbMadeThis Beat Boy taught me Ayy, said she freakin’ on the low Bitch a freak on the low RonRonDoThatShit [Chorus: ManMan Savage] The girl found me creepin’ on the low (she be creepin’, like) Yeah, she a freak on the low (freak on the low, yeah) Tell me how he ain’t know … Continue reading Manman Savage – She A Freak Lyrics (feat. Ohgeesy & 03 Greedo)

Elujay – 580 Lyrics

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[Hook] Do a buck fifty on the 580 And I’m tryna get you home with me Gas on the pedal, woodgrain dash I be off the hennessy Let me get you home one time I be in my zone one time Let me get you home one time I be in zone one time [Verse] … Continue reading Elujay – 580 Lyrics