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[Intro: Meek Mill] Ooh, ooh This that Philly Bompton shit Yeah, haha [Hook: Meek Mill] I’m on the eastside rolling with my westside niggas (Westside westside westside) We’re just tryna do it big like that Bed-Stuy, nigga And the feds looking, pray they don’t catch my nigga (I pray they don’t catch my nigga) Might … Continue reading Meek Mill, YG & Snoop Dogg – That’s My Nigga

MISSY ELLIOTT9th Inning Lyrics (ft. Timbaland) [Intro: Timbaland] Yeah, Yeah! Check it… Yeah! [Missy Elliott] Now I’m in the 9th inning Thought I fell off, I ain’t quite finished Yeah, I’m ’bout to put my foot in it Talk wit’ it, walk wit’ it, I’m no gimmick (YEAH!) Twnety-twelve, there be no games Real rap, … Continue reading Missy Elliott – 9th Inning Lyrics (ft. Timbaland)