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The representative of the British Cabinet said that London will not send ships to the Black Sea Britain intends to work with partners to find ways to resume exports from Ukraine, in particular through the port of Odessa. The UN has previously called on Russia to lift the blockade of Ukrainian ports London said there … Continue reading London says there are no plans to send ships to the Black Sea

Photo: According to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, he does not expect Russian President Vladimir Putin to apply tactical nuclear weapons on the territory of Ukraine. This is reported by Sky News. Thus, when asked by Talk TV whether there is a threat that Putin will use tactical nuclear weapons in Ukraine if his … Continue reading London does not expect Putin to use nuclear weapons in Ukraine

James Hippie The direct provocation of Ukraine by the UK to strike at Russia in the event of an attack will lead to a proportional response, the Russian Ministry of Defense said. We are talking about the words of the Deputy Minister of Defense UK James Hippie. Previously, he declared about the “legitimacy” of possible … Continue reading Defense Ministry accuses London of provoking Ukraine to attack Russia

Gazprombank received a general license from the UK Treasury until May 31. The document allows a Russian bank included in the sanctions list to conduct financial transactions. This is reported by TASS with reference to the British Financial Sanctions Authority. The license will be valid from April 21 to May 31 of this year. London … Continue reading Gazprombank issued a license to operate in London

During the speech of Russian representatives at the G20 meeting, the British, American and Canadian delegations left the hall in solidarity with Kyiv, they said in London. According to WP, representatives of Ukraine and the head of the ECB also left. “London explained the departure of the delegation from the G20 meeting during Siluanov's speech” … Continue reading London explained the departure of the delegation from the G20 meeting during Siluanov’s speech

Photo: The British government does not intend to abandon support for the Ukrainian authorities even after Moscow imposed a ban on the entry of a number of British ministers to the territory of Russia. The UK Foreign Office reported that London and its international partners are united in condemning the actions of the Russian … Continue reading London will continue to support Kyiv after Russian sanctions against British ministers

Boris Rotenberg is the son of the co-owner of SMP Bank, the “fourth number” in the rating of the richest Russians, Leonid Mikhelson is the head of NOVATEK. In total, eight people have been added to the British sanctions list. against the Lokomotiv player and number 4 of the Forbes list” /> Boris Rotenberg The … Continue reading London imposed sanctions against the Lokomotiv player and number 4 of the Forbes list

Dmitry Peskov. Photo: Frame from video. Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov said on the TV channel “Russia 1” that London is “an oasis for criminals.” “All the trash is gathering in London, which has stolen money somewhere,” – he said in an interview with Pavel Zarubin, adding that this trash has … Continue reading Peskov: all the “trash” is going to London

According to Peskov, in the last 20 years in the British capital “all the trash that has stolen money somewhere” has been gathering; law enforcement agencies of this country do not want to cooperate with Russia and extradite criminals London, UK Western countries constantly criticized Moscow and deliberately worsened relations with it, at the same … Continue reading Peskov called London “an oasis for criminals”

In particular, we are talking about anti-ship missiles, disposable drones and anti-tank guns jpg” alt=”Times learned about London's intention to transfer weapons against ships to Kiev” /> Boris Johnson Great Britain intends to supply anti-ship missiles to Ukraine. This was stated to ministers by the head of the British government, Boris Johnson, at a meeting … Continue reading Times learned about London’s intention to transfer weapons against ships to Kiev

Due to sanctions, he cannot pay the rent of the plot Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich is unable to pay the rent of the plot on which his house stands in the prestigious Kensington district of London. Photo: ru.wikipedia.orgMarina Lystseva According to RBC, formally the land plot on which the businessman's mansion stands, belongs to the … Continue reading Abramovich was unable to pay tax on a house in London

One of the oligarch's mansions costs more than 22 billion rubles. The media report on the hasty sale of Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich. Against the backdrop of Russia's military operation in Ukraine and the EU sanctions imposed, the oligarch decided to sell the Chelsea club and real estate in London. According to Bloomberg, referring to … Continue reading Media: billionaire Roman Abramovich is selling Chelsea and real estate in London

Telegraph: alleged Rotenberg house in central London may be arrested in Britain A house in central London allegedly associated with Russian businessman Roman Rotenberg may be arrested by British authorities. The Daily Telegraph found out about this. According to the publication, the house in the London Borough of Belgravia was acquired in 2007 for £3.3 … Continue reading Telegraph learned about the arrest of the alleged Rotenberg house in London

Saakashvili met with Lukashenka in London to prevent him from recognizing Abkhazia and South Ossetia According to Saakashvili, at these meetings politicians discussed the independence of South Ossetia and Abkhazia. The former president of Georgia spoke about this in court: there is a hearing on the case of embezzlement of state funds Mikheil Saakashvili Former … Continue reading Saakashvili told about four secret meetings with Lukashenka in London

Times: Britain may impose sanctions against the assets of Russian energy companies The government will introduce new sanctions in the event of a Russian invasion of Ukraine. Restrictions will affect individuals and legal entities that have “strategic significance” for Russia ” alt=”The Times has learned of London's plans to freeze the assets of Russian energy … Continue reading Times learned about London’s plans to freeze the assets of Russian energy companies

Times: Britain fears restrictions on Russian gas supplies to Europe due to sanctions British officials believe that sanctions against Russia over Ukraine will lead to a reduction in Russian gas supplies to Europe, which, in turn, will negatively affect prices < img class="aligncenter" src="" alt="The Times learned of London's fears about Russian gas supplies to … Continue reading Times learned about London’s fears because of Russia’s gas supplies to Europe

Minister Raab: Russia is waiting for sanctions when trying to establish a puppet regime in Ukraine Earlier, the British Foreign Office announced Moscow's intentions to bring to power in Ukraine a leader loyal to her. The Deputy Prime Minister of the country said that in this case there would be “serious consequences” for Russia Dominic … Continue reading London threatened Moscow with sanctions without invading Ukraine

MFA of Belarus: the embassy in London was attacked by a “radical emigrant group” One of the Belarusian diplomats was beaten, the facade of the building of the embassy was “spoiled”, according to Minsk. The British attorney was summoned to the Belarusian Foreign Ministry in connection with the incident In London, a group of people … Continue reading Belarusian Foreign Ministry announces attack on embassy in London

Sonic Youth’s Steve Shelley Selects 10 Gems From The Band’s Archive Sonic Youth played its last shows just over a decade ago. But the band’s legacy lives on thanks to an ever-expanding archive available on Bandcamp. This fall, fans were blessed with two full shows recorded in Texas in 1995 and 2006 (with proceeds going … Continue reading Sonic Youth’s Steve Shelley Selects 10 Gems From The Band’s Archive

SOURCE: PIXABAY Russia neglected to ensure safety in space during testing of anti-satellite weapons, says British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace. In his opinion, due to the actions of the Russian side, potentially dangerous space debris has formed in Earth's orbit. “The devastating test of an anti-satellite missile by Russia demonstrates complete disregard for safety and … Continue reading London accused Russia of neglecting security in space

British experts argue that the movement of military equipment in the Voronezh region is associated precisely with the strengthening of the grouping on the Ukrainian border. In Kiev, they said before that they did not fix the concentration of Russian forces At least the battalion of Russian T-80U tanks, which were loaded onto railway platforms … Continue reading London allowed the transfer of Russian tanks to the border with Ukraine

Future performed at the Wireless Festival at Crystal Palace Park in London and shocked fans when he called out collaborator Drake to hit the stage with him. It’s probably not that much of a surprise that Drake was in London, having posted on his Instagram stories recently that a large entourage had arrived to pick … Continue reading Future & Drake Performed ‘Way 2 Sexy’ & ‘Life Is Good’ At Wireless Festival

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Slapp Happy :: The Drum It’s Slapp Happy season. Formed in Hamburg, Germany in 1972, Slapp Happy’s self-described “naive rock” found its footing in earnest on their sophomore, self-titled lp (alternately known as Casablanca Moon). Originally recorded with Faust as their backing band and buoyed by the vocal stylings of Dagmar Krause, the group’s idiosyncratic strain … Continue reading Slapp Happy :: The Drum

[Chorus: J. Cole] Soldier’s song, marching on, on Hoping to see home If I die before I See your smile just one more time [Verse: J. Cole] Sometimes I question whether this shit matters Puttin’ substance into something in a world so used to instant gratification I found this instrumental on my phone while on vacation Ib sent it a … Continue reading ​J. Cole, Bas & 6LACK – l e t . g o . m y . h a n d Lyrics

Richard Thompson :: Transmissions Our guest this week is guitarist and songwriter Richard Thompson. One of the founding fathers of British folk rock, he’s the author of a new book, Beeswing: Losing My Way and Finding My Voice (1967-1975). It chronicles the early days of his band, Fairport Convention, the launch of his solo career, run-ins with … Continue reading Richard Thompson :: Transmissions

“Beep, Beep! Is that our bestie in a tessie?” London On Da Track has gifted his girlfriend, singer Summer Walker a Tesla Model X, making her recent birthday an “unforgettable” one. In a video posted on social media, the 25-year-old “Girls Need Love” singer is surrounded by family and friends who cheer as she embraces … Continue reading London On Da Track Gifted Summer Walker Rare Tesla Model X For Her Birthday