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Classy. Sexy. Crazy. Couture. Classy. Sexy. Crazy. Beautiful. Style. 런웨이, runaway 런웨이, runaway 런웨이, runaway runaway. Style. 보기엔 어어~울려도 불편한 구두같은 너. 내겐 맞지가 않아. (S-T-Y-L-E 내 멋대로 살께, leave) 모든게 어어~지러워. 네가 내게 원하는 건 내가 아닌 나잖아. (S-T-Y-L-E come on boy let me be me) 머리부터 발끝까지 네가 원한 LOOK. Baby this ain’t … Continue reading RaNia – Style (Sub Español, Hangul, Roma)

Faith Hill – BOY

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You can buy me, you can buy me any little thing, Any little thing will do as long as it’s from you You can take me, you can take me any little place Place where we can be alone Baby, that’s all I want You don’t have to change the world For me to be … Continue reading Faith Hill – BOY