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[Intro – Prince MINI] Yeah (x 23) [Hook – Prince MINI] Can barely find words to explain I feel it everyday No wind and none of the pain Like the pain when me come through I wish I could escape My grind’s the only gate ‘Pon this, you know I tell you straight My life … Continue reading Izzie Gibbs – My Life Lyrics (feat. Prynce Mini & Big Narstie)

Roy Woods – Bubbly Lyrics

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Play this song [Chorus] See you shinin’ on your own, fuckin’ up the club Heard Summer’s comin’, when it’s time, you fuckin’ up the club Bounce that ass, girl, you know you fuckin’ up the club We poppin’ bottles of bubbly (bubbly) Bubbly (bubbly), bubbly (bubbly), yeah [Verse 1] To my left I got a foreign (Foreign ting) And … Continue reading Roy Woods – Bubbly Lyrics

2 CHAINZBailan Lyrics (feat. Pharrell) You, you, you, you, you Hate me ’cause I tell you the truth Maybe your friends are confused I’m gonna tell you the truth Go ahead and goooo, bailan, bailan, bailan, bailan Goooo, bailan, bailan, bailan, bailan All week, keeping on, my mind is… Going in, going in, going in, … Continue reading 2 Chainz – Bailan Lyrics (feat. Pharrell)