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Lil’ Mosey – Try Me Lyrics

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[Intro] Y’all rocking with DJ Scheme, lil’ bitch! Uh-uh, uh Nuri the GOAT Uh-uh [Chorus] Walkin’ through the thunder, feel like I’m goin’ insane (Insane) The only thing that’s helpin’ is these racks in the safe (Is these racks) If you comin’ with me, give me a reason for you to stay (For you to stay) I stopped poppin’ … Continue reading Lil’ Mosey – Try Me Lyrics

Todos quietos Que hoy no vengo a impresionarlos Hoy vengo con algo dentro, que debo exponerlo y darlo A conocer Pero para lograrlo, necesito que confíen en mí Solo así podré ayudarlos Y sacarlos de este infierno tan cochino, que hemos construido Para vivir como cretinos Si hoy me deprimen Es porque sé que con mis versos Aún no … Continue reading Al2 El Aldeano – Llorar Es Un Lujo Espiritual Lyrics

Lil Wayne and Kodak Black can breathe a sigh of relief today after Trump granted them clemency. Outgoing President Donald Trump has pardoned over 150 persons and commutations, sources within the President’s administration has revealed in the early morning of his last day in office. Trump spends his final full day in office- January 19, … Continue reading Lil Wayne & Kodak Black Pardoned By President Trump In Last-Minute Spree

Lil Baby, Gucci Mane, Tyga and more rappers performed at a 150-person birthday party in Miami and not a mask in sight. It is sometimes hard to believe, but we are still in the middle of a pandemic nearly a year after COVID-19 began to ravage the world. The many restrictions and adjustments we have all … Continue reading Lil Baby, Gucci Mane, Tyga Performed At 150-Person Maskless Birthday Party In Miami

Codigo Fn – El Mago Lyrics

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El que sale traicionero es parte honesta de testigo Tengo veintitantos años para muchos estoy plebiyo He disparado las armas y hasta ahorita sigo vivo Mi mera pata de palo siempre han sido carros deportivos Y al entrar en California Archibaldo está conmigo Don Perignon y Buchanan’s plebitas música en vivo Por el freeway 101 … Continue reading Codigo Fn – El Mago Lyrics

H16 – Ju Lyrics

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Okej, yeah, ej, yeah, yeah… Vidím ju kráčať, a hádaj o čom snívam Že začína sa leto nám Ona tým riflám dáva nový význam Na to ja rád sa namotám Aj keď musím odložiť svoje krídla Keď sa v jej labyrinte zamotám Energia, keď ju cítim Eufória, keď ma chytí Moje ruky na jej riti … Continue reading H16 – Ju Lyrics

704chop – Global Lyrics

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[Intro] (Palaze, what you cookin’?) Girl, I’m tryna get over you (José, you done flex) So I gotta let you go [Pre-Chorus] Ayy, you can f**k me in Atlanta So all the neighbors know my name, baby, chill out Or maybe we can f**k in Miami Where all them fine ass bitches I don’t care ’bout I see your … Continue reading 704chop – Global Lyrics

704chop – Flawless Lyrics

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[Intro] Palaze, what you cookin’? [Chorus] I’m rockin’ VV’s in my chain, flawless, gang But can’t none of these diamonds bring my nigga back And I ain’t never make up, but that’s on my mama I look up in the stars, see the silhouette I’m heartbroken, I’m dealing with calmin’, no Sometimes got me feeling like I’m still attached … Continue reading 704chop – Flawless Lyrics

[Ritornello] Fanculo l’album posso uccidere la scena solo con un mixtape In veneto tra gente che non vede altro Se non calcio, macchine e schei Testa in alto come fossi sull’ultimo piano dell’Empire State Fanculo l’album posso uccidere la scena solo con un mixtape [Strofa 1] Ho genitori onesti, si sbattono da anni Per l’ottica … Continue reading Giovane Feddini – Piano Di Dio Lyrics

Marclo – Swngn Lyrics

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[Intro] (Daba-daba-da-daa) Swngn, Swngn Swngn (Daba-daba-da-daa) [Verse 1] M&S be Swngn It’s Friday night My whole clique’s so fly Miami crew’s on the westside So I … (Skurrt Skurrt) Took an uber from the valley Cause I’m too faded to drive We so lit, so live Like Montell in 95′ I’m like (This is how … Continue reading Marclo – Swngn Lyrics

[Intro: Rich the Kid & Quavo] Bad moves Trap, I might shoot In Miami DJ Durel! [Chorus: Rich the Kid] She don’t even love me, she just like me ’cause I’m bad I was in the ‘Rari pullin’ off, I made ’em mad (Skrrt) If they try to pull me over, I’ma do the dash (Woo, woo) If she … Continue reading Dj Durel – Bad Moves Lyrics (feat. Quavo & Rich The Kid)

Ashton – Ice Lyrics

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Hook: Got too many bitches on my phone Texting on some shit like I’m alone Not tonight the chain on froze Maybe when the night is slow Don’t go through your phone Texting on some shit like I’m alone You know how that goes Might just take you home Verse: I got the gold on Diddy bopping to slow … Continue reading Ashton – Ice Lyrics

Carnage – Hella Neck Lyrics

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Play this song [Intro: Ohgeesy] (Carnage, you a fool, you crazy) Karo, remix, re-rock and finesses On a private jet, coolin’ with my niggas from the ’jects, aye Karo, remix Coolin’ with my niggas from the ‘jects [Chorus: Ohgeesy] Aye, Karo, remix, re-rock and finesses On a private jet, coolin’ with my niggas from the ‘jects We done made … Continue reading Carnage – Hella Neck Lyrics