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This is how the department reacted to the decision of Western countries not to invite the Russian delegation to the meeting of the Interim Coordinating Committee (TCC) for assistance to the Palestinians, which was held in Brussels Attempts to remove Russia from the process of resolving the crisis in the Middle East— this is political … Continue reading Foreign Ministry considers attempts to remove Russia from Middle East issues nonsense

Good day, dear readers of “RichPro.ru”! In this article, we will consider the question of is it worth buying dollars and euros now, since in conditions of economic instability, many people want to invest their accumulated capital in foreign currencies. From this article you will also learn: what is the current situation with foreign currencies; … Continue reading Is it worth it now to buy dollars and euros in 2022: factors + tips

Saudi Arabia and the UAE have not joined the Western coalition against Russia The Ukrainian crisis has exposed cracks in US ties with its traditional Middle Eastern allies in the Arabian Peninsula. The UAE and Saudi Arabia are pursuing their own interests, while the US is calling for a united front against Russia, analysts say. … Continue reading The Ukrainian conflict exposed the discord between the United States and the Middle East oil monarchies

“AiF” continues a series of interviews with famous environmentalists and politicians on climate change, nature conservation and international cooperation in this area. Today the guest of the project “Ecology of Russia” — Chairman of the All-Russian Society for Conservation of Nature (VOOP), UN Goodwill Ambassador, First Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Ecology, Natural Resources … Continue reading Vyacheslav Fetisov: “VOOP should become a unifying organization”

“We should propose a meeting between Erdogan and Assad in Moscow” Turkish leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan invited Vladimir Putin and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to visit Turkey “to discuss and resolve differences” . This was reported by the Turkish daily newspaper Daily Sabah, citing the official representative of the President of Turkey, Igbrahim Kalin. Photo: … Continue reading Bagdasarov called the idea of ​​a meeting between Putin and Zelensky Erdogan’s game

Photo: pixabay.com The US Air Force will maintain its presence in the Middle East after the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan. This was announced in a conversation with AP by Lieutenant General Gregory Guillot. Guillot believes that it is important for the United States to maintain its position in the Middle East due to competition … Continue reading US Air Force decided to stay in the Middle East

Middle East, middle east Everybody mek we dance in peaceMiddle East, middle eastEverybody mek we dance in peace Do yuh foot sohDo yuh foot sohEverybody now, do yuh foot sohMiddle East, middle east, Everybodaaaayyyyy Tonight am gonna get all my cash and drink my life awayTonight me and mi friend dem a find any weh … Continue reading Dec 1, Harry Toddler & Ikel Marvlus – Middle East (Tonight) Lyrics