Justin Bieber’s latest album, Justice, has received the support of the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s King Center, which has allowed him to play a prelude of one of Dr. King’s popular speeches at the start of the album. According to Justin Bieber, the album was so named because of the injustices of the world, … Continue reading Justin Bieber Gets Support From Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s Family Amid Backlash

Martin Luther King Jr. day feels different this year. After a summer of nationwide Black Lives Matter protests following several murders of Black Americans at the hand of police, as well as the recent attempted coup in Washington D.C. involving white supremacist groups, MLK’s message of Black liberation is especially significant. Many celebrities have taken … Continue reading Lil Wayne Chided By Fans After Honoring Martin Luther King Jr. on Twitter

Everyone’s missing Everyone’s missing Everyone’s missing Everyone’s missing But I’m still here They saw that I missed you They tried to replace you Wires for tissue But my vision’s clear Keep our beauty hidden Don’t steal it A portal to wisdom We see it When everyone’s gone Tell me what you gone do And the … Continue reading Tunde Olaniran – Everyone’s Missing Lyrics

Chris Brown – Sensei (Remix) Lyrics

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[Intro: DJ MLK] MLK, fatality [Chorus: Chris Brown & A1] Sensei, yeah, ooh, ooh, sensei, yeah Sensei, yeah, ooh, I’m your sensei (Whoo Kid) Yeah, sensei, yeah, ooh, ooh, sensei Sensei, yeah, ooh, I’m your sensei [Verse 1: Chris Brown & (A1)] Hold it down, don’t never get caught out of bounds (down, brrr) Get … Continue reading Chris Brown – Sensei (Remix) Lyrics

[HOOK] Back stateside on MLK riding Low in the whip look like no one’s driving (Repeat 3x) Whether 395 or 704 Dream big baby stay steady on course [VERSE 1] (See King) I grace these peasants with my presence King Martin Luther The streets with his namesakes the perfect place to find a shooter A … Continue reading Substantial – Mlk (Dream Big) 2.0 (feat. See King & Matthew Shell) (The Past Is Always Present In The Future Album)