Roscosmos and NASA are holding consultations on extending the operation of the International Space Station, TASS reports. As the head of the state corporation & nbsp; Dmitry Rogozin, on December 31, an official notification was received from the United States to extend the use of the ISS until 2030. The general director of Roscosmos added … Continue reading Roscosmos and NASA are consulting on the extension of the ISS operation

Launch of the latest James Webb telescope postponed to December 25, the press service of NASA. It is noted that the decision was made due to unfavorable weather conditions in the area of ​​the European spaceport in French Guiana. Earlier, the launch of the telescope was scheduled for December 24. According to NASA chief Bill … Continue reading NASA again postponed the launch of the James Webb telescope

Cross Russian-American flights to the International Space Station will take place in the fall of 2022. This was announced by the head of the US ISS program, Joel Montalbano, RIA Novosti reports. The corporation plans to send an astronaut from Russia on a Space X spacecraft, while an American astronaut will join the crew of … Continue reading NASA announced cross-flights between Russia and the United States in 2022

NASA specialists were able to restore the operation of the equipment of the Hubble space telescope, which was put into safe mode due to problems with the internal communication of the device, Interfax reports. “ The team of specialists dealing with the space telescope Hubble, which brought the imaging spectrograph back to service on Monday, … Continue reading NASA specialists returned the Hubble telescope to work

The US National Aeronautics and Space Administration intends to conclude a contract for three additional deliveries of astronauts to the International Space Station (ISS) on SpaceX spacecraft, Interfax reports. Reportedly that NASA plans to conclude a contract with SpaceX on a non-competitive basis. & nbsp; According to the contract between SpaceX and NASA, the last … Continue reading NASA will give SpaceX three contracts with Boeing for the delivery of people to the ISS

Deputy Head of the NASA Program on the ISS Dan Weigl said that the danger of falling debris of a satellite, shot down during the Russian test of an anti-satellite missile, into astronauts is minimal, Interfax reports. after the incident, the debris dispersed more, and their number in the space environment increased slightly, there were … Continue reading NASA: the risk of satellite debris hitting astronauts in space is minimal

The head of the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Bill Nelson intends to come to Moscow and meet with the head of Roscosmos Dmitry Rogozin, TASS reports. “ We will continue lead discussions and maybe we can make some announcements when I arrive in Moscow '', & mdash; said Nelson. It is noted … Continue reading The head of NASA plans to visit Russia and meet with Rogozin

Potentially dangerous asteroid 2016 JG12 will fly near the Earth on November 20. This is reported by the NASA Center for the Study of Near-Earth Objects. The report says that the space object will fly close to the planet at a distance of 5.5 million kilometers. The asteroid's speed is 7.48 kilometers per second. It … Continue reading NASA says a potentially dangerous asteroid is moving towards Earth

NASA will not be able to meet the original schedule for landing people on the moon, the dates will have to be moved by several years. This conclusion was made in his report by the Inspector General of the American Space Agency Paul Martin. Previously, NASA announced that it would deliver astronauts to the Earth … Continue reading General Inspector of NASA: the date of landing on the moon should be moved by several years

[Intro: Vader] Pew-pew-pew, pew-pew Yo, you better duck Two thousand and seventeen Filthy Gears, mystery Vader, Hitman, Nutcracker Real riders music Serious shit Pew-pew-pew, pew Yo, you better duck, you better duck I-I-I swear [Chorus: Vader] Peep on ya, we’re gonna creep on ya Peep on ya, we’re gonna creep on ya Gonna peep on … Continue reading Filthy Gears – Creep On Ya Lyrics (feat. Vader, Nutcracker & Hitman)

[Intro: Young Thug] Yeah yeah yeah Yeah yeah yea Yeah yeah yeah Wheezybeats [Hook: Young Thug] Im still gettin money, Im still getting fetti Im still getting moolah, Im still getting treasures Im still spending lettuce, I run Jerome Bettis Dont even try to play with us, you know we ain’t love you I still … Continue reading Young Thug – Jerome Bettis (Still) Lyrics

Songtexte Soufian – New level Ja, zum hunderten Mal stell’ ich mir jetzt die Frage Sag, soll ich es tun oder soll ich es lassen? Am Ende des Abends gibt’s nichts außer Patte Weil Patte regiert unsre Straßen seit Jahren Auf Cash Money Brother, wie Brate sein Brate Aus Scheiße mach Gold, aus dem Kilo … Continue reading New level – Soufian feat. Crack Ignaz songtexte


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Lyrics to ‘Bitch!’ by Ugly God: –Hook– Bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch Bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch Bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch Bitch, bitch –Verse 1– No, I’m not a rapper, this the first page of the chapter Bitch, I’m a disaster, bite your bitch just like a raptor Booty gang pastor, I’m the hash … Continue reading Bitch!