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ECM Records All-Star Night :: The Village Gate, New York City, January 1976 The most beautiful sound next to silence comes to NYC. This “all-star night” of ECM-related performers is a delight, with some unique performances and collabs. Manfred Eicher’s esteemed label had been around since the late 1960s, but Keith Jarrett’s blockbuster surprise, The … Continue reading ECM Records All-Star Night :: The Village Gate, New York City, January 1976

Cardi B shared unsettling images of property damages due to Hurricane Ida. Despite celebrating the birth of their baby boy, Cardi B and Offset might be dealing with some insurance claims for property damages. News reports and viral videos depict terrifying sights of infrastructure damage, Subways submerged underwater, and even people being swept away by … Continue reading Cardi B & Offset’s Atlanta Mansion Flooded By Hurricane Ida

Mitch Easter :: The Aquarium Drunkard Interview The relationship that R.E.M. had with the producers they chose to work with is vital to understanding the major stages in the band’s development. Scott Litt guided their evolution from college rock heroes to pop stars in the late ’80s and early ’90s. Pat McCarthy helped them absorb … Continue reading Mitch Easter :: The Aquarium Drunkard Interview

Shintaro Sakamoto :: The Aquarium Drunkard Interview On The Feeling of Love EP, Tokyo-based songwriter Shintaro Sakamoto sings with longing about the warmth of companionship and a nightclub where everyone looks cool and the music feels just right in. Written and recorded as the global pandemic ruled gathering and nightclubbing out, the four song collection … Continue reading Shintaro Sakamoto :: The Aquarium Drunkard Interview

Improvisational Sphere :: A Roy Brooks Mixtape “Understanding” is a befitting title for the new archival album by underrated jazz drummer Roy Brooks. Although Brooks recorded with some of the biggest names in Jazz (Horace Silver, Max Roach, Charles Mingus, Yusef Lateef, Chet Baker) his own catalog largely remains out of print, or available only … Continue reading Improvisational Sphere :: A Roy Brooks Mixtape

Jim Jarmusch :: Transmissions

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Jim Jarmusch :: Transmissions Music is never entirely incidental in a Jim Jarmusch movie. An avid listener who’s made documentaries about Neil Young and the Stooges, the director ties songs together with an unmatched patience and style. Soundtracks aren’t afterthoughts with Jarmusch movies, often they are part of the main attraction, as is the case with … Continue reading Jim Jarmusch :: Transmissions

R. Kelly has become one of the most despised artists ever since the revelation that he will have to face multiple sexual assault charges. While most of the popular opinion has been turned against him, it seems he has at least one die-hard supporter in New Jersey. The fan even went through the trouble of … Continue reading Joe Budden Angered By Plane Supporting R. Kelly

The Invasion Of Thunderbolt Pagoda: Mylar Hallucinations & Sonic Drones Originally screened in 1968, The Invasion of Thunderbolt Pagoda is one of the most evergreen time capsules from the apex of the psychedelic movement. Shot on 16mm and directed by poet and photographer Ira Cohen, the twenty-two minute long film showcases Cohen’s signature use of … Continue reading The Invasion Of Thunderbolt Pagoda: Mylar Hallucinations & Sonic Drones

Let’s build up tall into the sky We can sit on those beams and smile And eat our sandwiches and smoke cigarettes Like those boys who built New York City No fear of falling, oh, it looks so pretty Oh look, a funeral, a carnival Sugar, sugar so high, high Let’s build all this shit, … Continue reading Bell X1 – Sugar High (Live At Brattle Theatre, Boston) Lyrics

Fans are raving about Rihanna’s latest outfit for a night out with A$AP Rocky. As one of the biggest female style icons on the planet, Rihanna tends to turn heads everywhere she goes. During her latest buzzworthy outing, the Savage X Fenty boss was spotted in a sexy leather ensemble while out in New York … Continue reading Rihanna Shows Plenty Cleavage On Date Night With A$AP Rocky

Play this song [Intro] Yeah, man, oh man, oh man [Verse 1] Bartender looked at me like “Pony up, man, we’re closin’ down” I paid the tab, and I turned around Got on that phone on the way home And ended up down the rabbit hole again It’s funny how you haven’t changed a bit But you’re twice as pretty Glad you finally got … Continue reading Sam Hunt – Breaking Up Was Easy in the 90’s Lyrics

[Chorus: Tish Hyman] 100 thousand cash, I can show you what it feels like Birkin bag, I can show you what it feels like 200 on the dash, I can show you what it feels like That’s a real ass ’cause I know what it feels like Weeks in Dubai, I can show you what … Continue reading Tish Hyman – What It Feels Like Lyrics (feat. Ty Dolla $ign & DeJ Loaf)

G-Eazy – K I D S Lyrics

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Play this song [Intro] Haha (Nitrose) This a sick one, yeah New York City, the city of dreams Yeah, uh, yeah [Verse 1: G-Eazy] Staying up, they’re like, “What do you got against sleep?” Playing Donnis first tape, presented by 10.Deep Spending money like, “Fuck it,” because I ain’t cheap Look, when you go away, it ain’t shit that … Continue reading G-Eazy – K I D S Lyrics

Play this song [Verse 1] Took a trip to San Francisco All  our friends said we would jive Didn’t  work, so I left for Fresno It was quite a scenic drive Pulled over to watch the children in the park Used  to only worry about them after dark [Chorus] I’m  still looking for my own … Continue reading Lana Del Rey – Looking For America Lyrics

[Skit: Nicki Minaj & Funkmaster Flex] —Don’t gotta do that And Don Q together Who’s that? Yeah, yeah, because they was—they… Who’s that? [Intro] Yo, we only doin’ this shit once It get real frightening, you know? I get real disrespectful when niggas get neglectful of what we do over here Highbridge stand the fuck … Continue reading Tory Lanez – Don Queen (Don Q Diss) Lyrics