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Dr. Dre is currently resting at home after being discharged from the hospital, Ice T confirms. A week almost seems like a whole year as the hip hop community grew very concerned about Dr. Dre’s health. The legendary rapper/producer was hospitalized for over a week for a brain aneurysm. Although we were privy to regular … Continue reading Ice T Confirms Dr. Dre Was Discharged From Hospital & Now At Home

Dr. Dre remains hospitalized as some wild rumors started circulating. As Dr. Dre remains in the Intensive Care Unit, reportedly resting comfortably at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, some troubling accusations have surfaced. At least one relative believes that the 55-year-old music mogul may have been allegedly poisoned, despite his medical condition ruled a brain aneurysm. … Continue reading Dr. Dre’s Relatives Think He Might’ve Been Poisoned As He Remains Hospitalized

Dr. Dre appears to be planning to cough up $2 million in spousal support. The 55-year old music mogul signed off on the agreement that he’ll pay his estranged wife Nicole Young $2 million in temporary spousal support. Young had wanted, as part of the divorce settlement, $2 million, but Dr. Dre said he couldn’t … Continue reading Dr. Dre Agrees To Pay Estranged Wife $2 million In Bitter Divorce