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EARTHGANG – Avenue Lyrics

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Play this song [Intro: Johnny Venus] You put lives on the line, shoestring ties on the line Woah I been cashin’ in, cuttin’ checks and cutting edge Cuttin’ lines in to my head, it’s OD God bless ODB, if I see him in my sleep I’ma bow and wash his feet, you showed me How to do the deeds, … Continue reading EARTHGANG – Avenue Lyrics

Rejjie Snow – Crooked Cops

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[Verse 1: Rejjie Snow] Officer, my hands is up Please don’t shoot, but I might run Run nigga, run nigga, run nigga I’ve been black since ’91 Piggy piggy, hold your tongue Run nigga, run nigga, run nigga What, you want some open graves? I’ll make you catch this fucking fade My tendencies be "fuck … Continue reading Rejjie Snow – Crooked Cops

Dumbfoundead – Safe

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[Intro: Dumbfoundead] You took me as safe That was your first mistake Who said I was safe [Verse 1: Dumbfoundead] The other night I watched the Oscars And the roster of the only yellow men were all statues We a quarter of the population There’s a room of fuckin’ 1 percenters laughing at you Fuck … Continue reading Dumbfoundead – Safe