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[Intro: Young M.A.] f*ck it, I'm goin' straight in (Damn E, this shit exclusive) [Verse 1: Young M.A.] Ayy, so much water on my neck, it's like I'm detoxin' Two drums and two sticks, I'm beatboxin' (Grrra) Ayy, I wish he would, we gon' treetop him (Pop, pop, pop) I just blew one-fifty out the safe, I had to restock … Continue reading Spotemgottem – Beat Box Freestyle Lyrics (feat. Bigkaybeezy)

[Intro: Mulato] Yeah, yeah, this shit exclusive Big Latto [Verse 1: Mulato] I told ya I’m that bitch from the South, I knock a nigga socks off I’m outside swinging sticks, I ain’t talkin’ top golf I been killin’ features, I’m on everythin’ like hot sauce So don’t act like I ain’t been that bitch … Continue reading SpotEmGottem & Mulatto – Beat Box (Big Latto Mix) Lyrics

Mj0.6 – Obituary Gardens Lyrics

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*My big brother’s gonna be famous* *How does that song go again* Murder on the rise You hear sirens screeching Obituary pains What yo heart’s been leaking Bullets can’t be silenced By the pastor’s preachings Survival of the fittest what streets Been teaching I’m from outwest where we Drop rakes with da hitters We claim … Continue reading Mj0.6 – Obituary Gardens Lyrics

[Chorus: Trippie Redd] Everyday I pray God keep me safe We’ll see better days Trapped in this world, trapped in this world, yeah, yeah I told them people, “Nigga, f*ck a job” Nigga, f*ck the opps, nigga, f*ck your block Nigga, f*ck the odds, nigga, f*ck the cops I’m the king of the jungle, I’m a f*ckin’ Don I’ma … Continue reading Stalley – Gangsta Prayer Lyrics (feat. Trippie Redd)

Superbee – 1994 Lyrics

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Hangul Life is gHood Then i keep it 1 hunda +82, 서울의 boy wonder #엄마손 #UFO #낙원상가 세가지 연결고리 나의 고리 유행에 민감했던 초등생 아이리버는 너무 많아 파란색 yepp mp3 512mb의 안에는 소리바다서 다운받은 Dt, double d, epik이 이어폰 꼽으면 monster 또 ring my bell이 평화의 날은 best my favorite I wanna be a legend … Continue reading Superbee – 1994 Lyrics

Izzie Gibbs – Lit Lyrics

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[Verse 1] Guess who’s back dawg Still in the ends where the cats are Kick down doors if his stack’s large Take that backyard, everybody act calm (Shh) Mad dawg They ain’t bad, they act hard Man said he’s the plug, he ain’t, he’s just wearing Trapstar (Yeah) Boasy Pengting hold that up like trophy … Continue reading Izzie Gibbs – Lit Lyrics

Hook – Nysb Lyrics

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[Intro] Not your shorty, bitch Not your shorty Not your, shorty, bitch! Gang, huh, gang, huh [Hook] Not your shorty (huh) Not your shorty, bitch Not your shorty (not your shorty) Not your (huh, huh) Not your shorty, bitch Not your shorty (bitch, gang) Not your shorty, bitch (Not your, huh) [Verse] Not your shorty bitch, you f**kin with … Continue reading Hook – Nysb Lyrics

Pressa – Anaconda Lyrics

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[Intro] Mmmm, ah Mmm, yea, yea Snake nigga, couldn’t snake me All the Continent, cousins raised me Block boy shootin’ gravy Mama Yea, yea [Hook] Snake nigga, couldn’t snake me All the Continent, couldn’t raise me Block boy eatin’ gravy Mama couldn’t even save me Snake nigga, couldn’t snake me All the Continent, couldn’t raise … Continue reading Pressa – Anaconda Lyrics

[Chorus: Tish Hyman] 100 thousand cash, I can show you what it feels like Birkin bag, I can show you what it feels like 200 on the dash, I can show you what it feels like That’s a real ass ’cause I know what it feels like Weeks in Dubai, I can show you what … Continue reading Tish Hyman – What It Feels Like Lyrics (feat. Ty Dolla $ign & DeJ Loaf)

Lil’ Baby – Trap Star Lyrics

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[Intro] Cook that shit up, Quay I’ma keep going I’ma keep on going-oing-oing-oing-oing I’ma keep on going-oing-oing-oing-oing Yeah [Chorus] They say talk is cheap, I let my diamonds talk 2018, it came with auto-park Sixty-seven thousand on an Audemars Never leave my niggas, I love all of y’all Takin’ all these drugs like I’m a … Continue reading Lil’ Baby – Trap Star Lyrics

[PHEO] I said stack it stack it stack it So that bitch ride ? Fifty players deep put yo bitch in rotation As my flow getting bigger and the world rotating Trying to live large, think big Its moderate conglomerate pushing counterfeits Get yo change man breaking out like trying to break a habit I … Continue reading Cashius Green – Get Yo Change Lyrics (feat. Pheo.)