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Diversions :: Matthew Dear

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Diversions :: Matthew Dear Diversions, a recurring feature on Aquarium Drunkard, catches up with our favorite artists as they wax on subjects other than recording and performing. Matthew Dear was interviewed for this installment by Jason Woodbury. Growing up in Kingsville, Texas, electronic producer Matthew Dear grew up surrounded by music very different from the … Continue reading Diversions :: Matthew Dear

Silhouettes I …draw my silhouette… They draw your silhouette In a snapshot slice of life They spell your sobriquet We tend to gravitate In wiry line roulettes Always in orbit It’s all what you radiate So prone on prejudice With a knack for pinning down Held to your premises Instant-bound To mesh and canvas, grid … Continue reading Ephrat – The Sum Of Damage Done (silhouettes I-v) Lyrics

E scoprirmi colpevole Io che sembro Gesù, ma la buona sei tu Sei l’aurora di un demone Parlano, parlano e non sanno che Ho parcheggiato il tuo ricordo in rimozione forzata Ho colorato di rimorso la mia voce strozza’ Tu lo chiami rapporto, io canzone scontata Se ha preso una direzione, è sempre stata sbagliata … Continue reading Nitro – Mr & Mrs Smith Lyrics (feat. Casadilego)

Ajj – Cigarette Lyrics

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Well my great grand-dad he died of cancer From smoking too many cigarettes But I must confess that he did quite profess To being the coolest motherf**ker I ever met Thats ’cause smoking makes you cool And smoking makes you rule So just light up a smoke and you’ll never go broke And you’ll be … Continue reading Ajj – Cigarette Lyrics

Vous avez rêvé de venir… Alors?… Alors?… Alors?! Aprochez, approchez Laissez-vous tenter Allez venez! Entrez Entrez entrez Laissez-vous faire Entrez, venez! Avancez, avancez Allez, allez Laissez-vous tenter La belle affaire Ca y est, çà y est, c’est OK Vous êtes entré Vous y êtes, vous y êtes! Vous êtes entré Alors là continuez comme çà … Continue reading Les Rita Mitsouko – Au Fond Du Couloir Lyrics

Camelia Jordana – Facile Lyrics

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[Couplet 1] Je me laisse, je fais facile Je chante, je chante C’est que ma vie en péril, des nuits, ça me hantent Quand de haut en bas ça tangue, moi, les yeux fermés j’avance Tout en inconscience, quand j’y pense [Pré-Refrain] Toi, tu crois, que je m’ris, que je mens Pour tes yeux, grands [Refrain] Mais ne me … Continue reading Camelia Jordana – Facile Lyrics

[Intro] Ay Banks The Plug, Yano Mougzey? On the buttons Shout my bruddahs Alf and Josh inside Rest In Peace Die Hard Rest In Peace Wetherman Feed my brother Assan? OK, A-STAR C, Cuzzie, Big Steeze, Ginger D Shout my bruddah Pat Ends [Verse 1 // Freestyle] Came far but I’m nowhere near finished Hater’s they would love to … Continue reading Benny Banks – The Plug Freestyle Lyrics

Narrator: Been thinking about a vacation trip to the Pacific Northwest? Well, those are just a few of the sounds of the this big country. We think sounds are about the best way of communicating there is. So, we’ve assembled a collection of typical sounds of the Pacific Northwest. Now sit back and Listen Creatures … Continue reading Young Fresh Fellows – Rock ‘N’ Roll Pest Control Lyrics

(Alright, you ready?) No (OK. Let’s do it anyways) Alright (1, 2, 3) I don’t wanna join the Air Force I don’t wanna go to war I’d rather hang around Piccadilly Underground And living on the earnings of a high-class lady I don’t want an Aphid up me arsehole I don’t want my bollocks shot away I’d rather be … Continue reading Dos Gringos – I Don’t Want To Join The Air Force Lyrics

[Verse 1] Jonnet ei muista Kaisaniemee Ei muista mikä lienee Lyhenne KOP Jonnet ei muista lainkaan Kikkaa Ei vaikka sattuis klikkaa Sukkulan Venukseen Jonnet ei muista tribaleita Ei kivun sirpaleita Kun korvii venytin Jonnet ei muista aamukampaa Eikä kuka onkaan Mika Jenytin [Pre-Chorus] Ja mitä Jonnet ei muista Niin sitä ei enää oo [Chorus] Jonnet … Continue reading Samae Koskinen – Jonnet Ei Muista Lyrics