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Kehlani debut a romantic video for her single “Honey.” The vintage clip was directed by David Camarena and features Kehlani and her love interest, played by Aarianna Johnson, showing some PDA while the camera shows shots of bees flying, leaves, and a beautiful backdrop of the blue sky with some clouds. “I like my girls … Continue reading Kehlani Debut Romantic Video “Honey”

Ewan McGregor is reportedly separated from his wife and appears to be romantically involved with his Fargo co-star Mary Elizabeth Winstead. Photos of the actor kissing a woman who appears to be the actress, who plays his lover on the show, were published by The Sun on Sunday. The British newspaper said the pics were taken at a restaurant in the posh … Continue reading Ewan McGregor Kisses Mary Elizabeth Winstead After Secret Split With Wife of 22 Years

Sarah Close – Caught Up

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[Verse 1] Methamphetamine, I’m dressed like a beauty queen Two step pacing and I’m too intoxicated You’re trying to break us down, wish you wouldn’t stick around I wanna make it home and I’d love to be alone You annoy me like a tick, tick, tick You won’t stop talking about defining this And if … Continue reading Sarah Close – Caught Up

Blaq Tuxedo – Wet dream

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Fastlane in NDM You responded You responded back with smiley faces I thought you’ll deny it I ran across the Instagram I had that they [?] Live the camera on your picture I had to know this She said I got more where that came from I told her get back my dime, I don’t … Continue reading Blaq Tuxedo – Wet dream