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Nik & Jay – Linje H Lyrics

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[Vers 1: Jay] Dagdrømme på skolebænken Ville så gerne skille mig ud fra mængden Men jeg voksed’ op, og rejsen lært’ mig At hvis vi ikk’ står sammen, så holder det alligevel ikk’ i længden Jay; mig lige på pletten, bare gi’ mig stafetten Så vender vi kajakken og tipper kasketten Antihad, antifrygt, antivold, bli’r … Continue reading Nik & Jay – Linje H Lyrics

[Intro: Trippie Redd] 12 Hunna on the beat (Skrrt, skrrt) On foe ‘nem (Skrrt, skrrt, skrrt) Uno said on bro ‘nem (Yeah, bitch) Yeah Love scars, love scars, love scars (Yeah) Woo-ooh, yeah-ayy [Chorus: Trippie Redd] Huh, you been scarred too deep, I can tell I can tell, yeah, I can tell You been scarred … Continue reading Trippie Redd – Deeply Scared Lyrics (feat. Unotheactivist)

[Hook: Giggs] Coming one, coming two We’re coming through, we’re coming through How’d you do? How’d you do? Coming one, coming two We’re coming through, we’re coming through How’d you do? How’d you do? [Verse 1: Cadell] And I can’t be compared, too many man think they’re able To build their own table but they … Continue reading Cadell – Coming Through Lyrics (feat. Giggs)

[Intro] Watch cases are convenient hiding places The value of drugs [?] is enormous Recently, a huge supply of heroin was taken It was concealed in a powdery, harmless shipment of 35 barrels of olive oil The deadly drug was burned in an incinerator of the Bureau of Engraving and Printing And more vicous, more … Continue reading Chance The Rapper – Brain Cells (Demo) Lyrics

Q Money – Work

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[Hook: Rick Ross] Girl I let my money work, work let my money work x8 [Verse 1 – Uncle Murda:] Bitch I let my money work in California Bitch I’m with the mexicans, in Arizona Bitch I’m talking pure white for every thousand grands Bitch I’m talking white girls on the Peter Pan Bitch I’m … Continue reading Q Money – Work

[Hook: Shindy] Bitch, I can change the world, give me a piano Not up for discussion, here’s the album of the year You are not allowed to talk to me, except you want to congratulate Berlins most wanted, and I’m not even from here We talk about Sido-level, wether you want to or not I … Continue reading Shindy – Statements (English Translation) Lyrics