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[Intro: T.I.] Man, aye It’s really like Hustle Gang everything I don’t want no peon round me Only bosses in my clique, you know what I’m saying? Get your own shit, run the bag, yo niggaa [Chorus] And we got what these niggas ain’t got, we got money (Boy, you know you don’t want no … Continue reading Hustle Gang – Want Smoke (feat. T.I., Young Dro, London Jae & Yung Booke)

Kodak Black – Right Now

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[Verse 1] I need to vibe ’cause I’m [?] right now So I’m firin’ up the crypt right now Cause I’m higher than a bih right now I’ll turn this whole shit upside down Stop lyin’ on ya dick If you hit her, then you hit Stop lyin’ on a bih Everybody know ya snitched … Continue reading Kodak Black – Right Now

[Intro: Ballout] Oooooo, what the fuck? This bitch made my spill my muhfucking cup! [Verse 1: Chief Keef] [?], stuff it Half ounce, fuck it This track bitch, you love it Already fucking That ain’t straight drop, that’s Tussin That fake ice, tuck it ‘Cause this bling on me bussing Believe that, trust it [Verse … Continue reading Chief Keef – Reload (feat. Tadoe & Ballout)

[Intro] Yeah (yeah) Woo (woo) Can you hear me now? Gucci, Wizop Bangladesh [Hook] Guwop got dem bales Guwop got dem bales Guwop got dem bales Guwop got dem bales Gucci havin’ bales Gucci havin’ bales I heard Gucci havin’ bales They said Gucci havin’ bales Guwop got dem bales Guwop got dem bales Guwop … Continue reading Gucci Mane – Bales (The Return Of East Atlanta Santa Album)

[Verse 1] I cannot waste no time, bitch, I’m really timeless I cannot leave my houses without diamonds All [?] faces on my watches, I’m ’bout it Change faces on the watches, now they frownin’ I probably spent a 100 thousand on fly shit QP spent a 100 thousand on mollies Bruce Lee kick it … Continue reading DJ SpinKing – Timeless (feat. A Boogie) (Snippet) (For The Culture Mixtape) letras