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It could be worse We could be dead But you’ll keep on buying it when Every verse It’s all the same And you’ve misunderstood almost Every word That’s ever said But it could be worse you could be dead Get a clue I don’t like disco Why, do you? Or new rave techno Get a … Continue reading Blakfish – Ringo Starr – 2nd Best Drummer In The Beatles Lyrics

Horrible Histories – The Tudors lyrics

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[Intro] Anyone whose lived around these parts, Or ever knew’d us, Is well aware that you should never mess with the Tudors. [Verse 1] My Grandad Henry Seventh, He beat King Richard, That’s him pictured, Defeating the Tyke. [Verse 2] He liked his name so much that, To keep alive is memory, He called his … Continue reading Horrible Histories – The Tudors lyrics