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[Chorus] No ice on my hands No diamonds in my grill Don’t drive a Mercedes I’ma keep it real Nothing in my pocket But a five-dollar bill Guess I’ll go to Taco Bell And get a combo meal [Verse 1: Irawniq] I swear to God I don’t wanna be a broke chick But I’m feeling … Continue reading Tunde Olaniran – Diamonds Lyrics (feat. IRAWniQ & Passalacqua)

Arlo Parks – Eugene Lyrics

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[Intro] (Yeah, yeah) Yeah (Yeah) [Verse 1] I had a dream, we kissed And it was all amethyst The underpart of your eyes was violet You hung a cigarette between your purple lips [Pre-Chorus] We’ve been best buds since thirteen I hold your head back when you’re too lean I hold the Taco Bell and you cried over Eugene He was mean He was … Continue reading Arlo Parks – Eugene Lyrics

Jake Paul – Saturday Night Lyrics

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[Chorus: Chad Tepper & Jake Paul] What you doing this Saturday Night? Me and you, this Saturday Night We’ll be to the cribs this Saturday Night Netflix and Chill this Saturday Night Swipe a ride on you this Saturday Night Pizza and ranch this Saturday Night Chilling in my Calvin’s this Saturday Night Let’s get … Continue reading Jake Paul – Saturday Night Lyrics