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[Verse 1: Abbie Parker] This ain't a song about chains 'cause my chains are gone This ain't a song about the past 'cause I'm moving on No more songs about guilty with words like regret Every melody's sounding like mercy instead This ain't a song about chains, no, my chains are gone [Chorus: Abbie Parker] … Continue reading I Am They – Found My Freedom Lyrics (feat. Matthew West)

[Intro: Lil Baby & Quavo] My diamonds hit harder when the light off I ride private to my shows, just a write-off This beat from Murda (Murda) [Verse 1: Lil Baby] Got a thousand pounds for a thousand, buy them bitches now First they tried to steal my style, now they tryna steal my sound Thank God, I ain’t … Continue reading Lil’ Baby & Rylo Rodriquez – Forget That Lyrics

Susan H – Thank God Lyrics

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[Verse 1] Baby, I’ve been overdosing on your love An explosion like they did back in the days Baby, I’ve been overthinking ’bout our drinks We’ve been drinking, I just don’t know what to say [Pre-Chorus] It’s your touch that keeps me grounded The sounds I want surrounded Around me for the rest of my … Continue reading Susan H – Thank God Lyrics

Cadell – Since 2001 Lyrics

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[Chorus] Different people Have different opinions But I stick to mine Why? I don’t know no different Always conflicting I gotta keep my distance My hood’s tight but they snake each other Call it Bow constriction [Verse] Hear so many stories about me No non-fiction The whole hood goes PFC I blame the nutrition Jerk … Continue reading Cadell – Since 2001 Lyrics

DAUGHTRY – White Flag

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I lost, I was lingering in the dark Hot ties, don’t you know I’ve seen them all? Ain’t want to preach, ain’t want to speak of what I don’t know I’ve laid that burden down With one hand I’m reaching for the sky And one hand holding on [?] But won’t raise my, won’t raise … Continue reading DAUGHTRY – White Flag

Hook: The devil is a sly ole fox if I could catch him I would put him in a box and lock the lid and lose the key for all those tricks he played on me. 1st Verse: Coal used to be king but now it’s not clean Immigrants recruited but now they are booted … Continue reading The Poochie Project – The Devil Is A Sly Ole Fox (Ode To Hillary) lyrics

[Intro] Eh-XCX [Chorus: Charli XCX] I’m a dreamer Step, step out the Beemer ‘Bout to do it big Stretch, stretch limousine-uh I’m a dreamer Step, step out the Beemer Angel in the clouds rain down, best believe it I’m a dreamer Step, step out the Beemer ‘Bout to do it big Stretch, stretch limousine-uh I’m … Continue reading Charli XCX – Dreamer (feat. Starrah & RAYE) lyrics

[Verse 1] Another life, another love Another kill, another drug Another touch, another taste Oh, oh, oh Another night, another war Another “What are we fighting for?” Another lost to bitter pain Oh, oh, oh [Chorus] Is everybody out here crazy? Anybody want a war, war? Everybody out here crazy, crazy Hail to the victor … Continue reading 30 Seconds To Mars – Hail To The Victor lyrics