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Putin announced a partial mobilization in Russia. According to Shoigu, it will affect 300,000 people. What is known about the mobilization at the moment – in the material RBC -width: 320px) and (-webkit-min-device-pixel-ratio: 2), (max-width: 320px) and (min-resolution: 192dpi)” > < img class="aligncenter" src="" alt="What is known about partial mobilization in Russia" /> Announcement of … Continue reading What is known about partial mobilization in Russia

To stop “the spread of destructive foreign information influence on the local population”, it is necessary to provide the region bordering Finland with stable mobile communications and Russian TV, the Security Council Secretary believes < img class="aligncenter" src="" alt="Patrushev proposed using TV and communications to protect Karelia from outside influence"/> In connection with the entry … Continue reading Patrushev proposed to protect Karelia from outside influence with the help of TV and communications

Mikhail Golovatov, who commanded Alpha during the assault on the television center in Vilnius in 1991, died at the age of 73. In Lithuania, he was sentenced in absentia to 12 years in prison. The former military man did not admit his guilt< source srcset=" 1200w" type="image/webp" media="(min-resolution: 192dpi) " > Mikhail Golovatov The former … Continue reading Died former commander of “Alpha”, who participated in the storming of the TV tower in Vilnius

According to the TV presenter, the question of whether there will be panic due to the approaching “flash” COVID-19 will depend on the frequency of broadcasts of the topic in the media. Myasnikov noted that people are simply not up to wearing masks now. “Today, masks no one has been helped yet. The vaccine is … Continue reading TV doctor Myasnikov doubted that Muscovites would wear masks again

Russian doctor and TV presenter Alexander Myasnikov, together with a team of Moscow doctors, arrived in the city of Stakhanov, Luhansk People's Republic, the press service of the city administration reports on the Telegram channel. He highly appreciated the professionalism surgeons and traumatologists working in the hospital. According to him, they have to deal with … Continue reading TV presenter Myasnikov spoke about the meeting with doctors in the LPR

11 June at 16:00 in the Fili summer cinema for everyone there will be a lecture “Sex, drugs and rock and roll. Bad habits and their price in the big city». This was reported on the website of the Healthy Moscow project. Who will give the lecture? The lecture will be given by the chief psychiatrist-narcologist of Moscow and Russia Evgeny Bryunov and chief dermatovenereologist … Continue reading Where and when will a lecture on bad habits in a big city take place in Moscow?

At the same time, we may lose television itself "The wolf took pity on the mare – left a tail and a mane. A long time ago, this folk wisdom was invented. And the draft amendments to the Law “On Advertising”, prepared (but not yet submitted) by a group of deputies of the State Duma … Continue reading The deputies decided to save the Russians from annoying TV advertising: a problem appeared

Oksana Marchenko is trying to save her husband from the reprisals of the SBU The wife of Ukrainian politician Viktor Medvedchuk, Oksana Marchenko, is now looking for any opportunity to rescue her husband from the “dungeons of the SBU”. Marchenko hopes that Medvedchuk will be exchanged and taken out of Ukraine, where otherwise he will … Continue reading The ruined career of a TV presenter: what is known about Medvedchuk’s wife

The American media company Discovery has decided to temporarily stop all its activities in Russia. In this regard, on March 9, the broadcast of about 15 of its TV channels is suspended, Variety reports, citing a company statement. . Among these channels are Animal Planet, Discovery Channel, Eurosport 1 and Eurosport 2. Earlier, several Western … Continue reading Media: Discovery stops broadcasting TV channels in Russia

According to Russian law, from March 1, the streaming service was required to include 20 Russian federal channels in the broadcast grid Netflix will not broadcast the 20 Russian federal TV channels, the mandatory broadcasting of which is required by Russian law starting from March 1. A company representative told Variety magazine about this. “Given … Continue reading Netflix refused to broadcast Russian federal TV channels

Doctor and TV presenter Alexander Myasnikov recalled five useful superfoods that were popular in the past, but now almost forgotten: fish oil, hematogen, seaweed, kombucha and apple cider vinegar. He spoke about them in the next issue of the program “About the most important” on the channel “Russia 1”. Fish oil — this is a … Continue reading TV doctor Myasnikov recalled five popular superfoods in the USSR

The 60 Minutes hosts on the TV channel “Russia 1” Evgeny Popov and Olga Skabeeva contracted the coronavirus, the TV presenter said before the start of the program, going live through a video screen. “Today, for the first time, I will host our favorite program with a positive test. In the morning I was forced … Continue reading TV presenters Popov and Skabeeva contracted the coronavirus

TV presenter and lawyer Ekaterina Gordon got married for the third time, the wedding took place on January 19 in Moscow. The star announced this on her Instagram channel. “For the first time in my life, I didn’t get married in a week”… and a year later… I do not want to give any recommendations: … Continue reading TV presenter Gordon announced that she got married for the third time

Zelensky is in the center of the battle Akhmetov, Kolomoisky, Medvedchuk and Pinchuk – the names of Ukrainian oligarchs, probably every Russian already knows. In the past year, their fates have changed a lot. All these big people now have very different, but noticeable and systemic problems. Photo: “Traitor” Medvedchuk and the deflated Pinchuk … Continue reading Ukrainian squid game: oligarchs Akhmetov and Kolomoisky started a battle

Plot World history with Andrey Sidorchik In the cartoon Winter in Prostokvashino, released in the mid-1980s, postman Pechkin said: “ In our time, the main decoration of the New Year's table is what? TV! '' Indeed, for Soviet citizens of that era, he was both entertainment and a window to the world. The last year … Continue reading Zhugderdemidiin is on the air. What was shown on TV on New Year’s Eve 40 years ago?

The Polish-Belarusian confrontation on the & nbsp; border, associated with the & nbsp; migration crisis, has received a new, rather unexpected turn. A soldier of the Polish army from the & nbsp; number of the contingent involved in & nbsp; strengthening the border guard from & nbsp; migrants went over to & nbsp; the Belarusian … Continue reading He ran away to Lukashenka. Polish soldier asked for asylum in Belarus

December 3 at the site of the International Forum of Civil Participation #MYVMESTE “ Russian Media Group '' held a plenary session on Popularity as a Tool for Solving Social Problems. It became part of the holding's partnership with the # WEVMESTE All-Russian Mutual Aid Campaign. # WEVMESTE & ndash; This is a large-scale all-Russian … Continue reading Leadership responsibility. Experts on the role of influencers in solving social problems spoke with forensic expert, polygraph examiner Dmitry Zinoviev and found out what kind of people turn to the help of a lie detector, and whether it is possible to deceive him. Nadezhda Uvarova, AIF: Dmitry, who are they & mdash; your clients? & nbsp; Dmitry Zinoviev: & nbsp; For research using a polygraph, investigating … Continue reading Can a lie detector be tricked? Everything you didn’t know about the polygraph

Jada Kiss says he wants to collaborate with Cordae. Could a generation-crossover hip-hop track be in the cards for Cordae and Jadakiss? While there is no solid answer to that question just yet, Jada seized the opportunity to put his wishes out there when he ran into tennis superstar and Cordae’s current girlfriend Naomi Osaka … Continue reading Jadakiss Told Naomi Asaka He Wants A Collaboration With Cordae

Videodrome :: Catching Up With Filmmaker Craig Zobel (Welcome to Videodrome. A recurring column plumbing the depths of vintage and contemporary cinema – from cult, exploitation, trash and grindhouse to sci-fi, horror, noir, documentary and beyond.) I remember the first time I saw Compliance, Craig Zobel‘s second film, in the summer of 2012. I had heard about … Continue reading Videodrome :: Catching Up With Filmmaker Craig Zobel

Tabby – Rosegold Lyrics

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[Verse 1] Your energy like TV static And you’re mad at me when you see me dancing I’m too old school to align the planets That’s retrograde, my data ran out So if you’re trying to reach me, I’m not around, it’s your own A spoon full of sugar helps that shit go down (That … Continue reading Tabby – Rosegold Lyrics