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Dancehall producer Rvssian says he’s going to get the vaccine now that his niece has passed away. It appears that the producer was not vaccinated, the position of many in the dancehall community who have had a strong anti-vaccination stance. However, slowly, as many become either sick or experience the loss of lives of family … Continue reading Rvssian Says He’s Done Acting ‘Too Cool’ For Vaccine: “Families Are Dying Yo”

Rvssian’s family is once again mourning the loss of another family member a week apart. The Jamaican producer’s niece, Steffie Gregg, was pronounced dead on Tuesday as thousands of her followers reeled from shock of the news. While her official cause of death has not been released, the 26-year-old young woman’s death has rocked the … Continue reading Rvssian Niece, Steffie Gregg, Dies At 26, A Week After Losing His Father