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[Spoken Intro] [Verse 1: Bodega Bamz] Tour bus looking like a brothel Catching more bodies than Hostel Flatbush Zombies put money in my pocket If it's war against them, I'ma pop it Word like apostles Kid from the ghetto listening to heavy metal, rock rolled in my sock I ain't never been afraid, renegade got … Continue reading Bodega Bamz – Bring Em Out Lyrics (feat. Flatbush Zombies)

Jill Colucci – The View Lyrics

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Don’t you weep for me I can hear you sing Amazing Grace Please don’t grieve for me I am free Let the church bells ring Oh I stand before these pearly gates You should see this place I’m on these streets They’re paved with gold I’m here with Grandma I’m dancing with your Uncle Joe It’s like he’s seventeen … Continue reading Jill Colucci – The View Lyrics

[Intro] Este amor Se deslumbra, toma aliento Fascinante es sentir Que ella es hecha para mi [Verso 1: Juan Luis Guerra] Me undo en fantasias muy profundas Le pido un arcoíris y un jardín En un circo de flores Me inundo de emociones Y mancha mi mejilla de carmín [Verso 2: Romeo Santos] Se ha … Continue reading Romeo Santos – Carmin (feat. Juan Luis Guerra) (Golden Album)