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Lil’ Tracy – Backrub Lyrics

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[Intro] (IanoBeatz!) (Mayyzo!) (Loesoe going crazy!) I got my racks up, I let em' stack up Double C's on my sheets, that's expensive sleep I'm in a bath tub, I'm getting a back rub Okay, my house big as hell, I don't even gotta' leave [Hook] Walked out the bank, then I jumped right in porsche (Skrr) These niggas … Continue reading Lil’ Tracy – Backrub Lyrics

[Intro] Yo Fred, been dealin’ with a few situations out ‘ere man But, I’m just sorting it all out, that’s why I’ve been a bit quiet And then… yeah, I’m active again You say One Headie, One Headie, One (One) Headie, One One [Chorus] Ballys and hoodies, not phones in the car Them man ain’t on but they talk … Continue reading Headie One – Charades Lyrics (feat. Fred Again..)

704chop – Flawless Lyrics

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[Intro] Palaze, what you cookin’? [Chorus] I’m rockin’ VV’s in my chain, flawless, gang But can’t none of these diamonds bring my nigga back And I ain’t never make up, but that’s on my mama I look up in the stars, see the silhouette I’m heartbroken, I’m dealing with calmin’, no Sometimes got me feeling like I’m still attached … Continue reading 704chop – Flawless Lyrics

Yo Gotti – Pose Lyrics

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Play this song [Intro: Yo Gotti] Photo shoot, yeah Flash, flash, flash, flash [Chorus: Yo Gotti & Lil Uzi Vert] You are looking at a legend in the flesh Fresher body [?] to the check Blew a quarter key on the set Hold up, pose VV’s and the chain is lookin’ wet Deposit, I ain’t hit account yet Shit … Continue reading Yo Gotti – Pose Lyrics

[Intro] 808 Mafia [Verse 1: G Herbo] Yeah, hit the scene, so fresh, so mothafuckin’ clean (Herbo, okay, Herbo) And my car so fast, it’s leavin’ everything (Herbo, everything) I love you so, mama, and thank you for everything (everything) And you know, mama, I was doin’ everything Usin’ guns, ecstasy, I’m on extra lean … Continue reading G Herbo – Everything (Remix) (feat. Lil Uzi Vert & Chance The Rapper)