No texting allowed when you are around WSTRN and Alkaline. The video for their collaborative single “Txtin’” is now out check it out below. The West London hip hop group traveled to the ghetto in Kingston to shoot the video last month with the Vendetta boss. The group is signed to U.K. wing of Atlantic … Continue reading Watch WSTRN & Alkaline New Video “Txtin’”


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Lyrics to ‘Txtin’ by WSTRN: –Intro– Oooh You decide You decide Only you decide –Hook– Txtin’, txtin’, txtin’ Juggling me all over your phone all night (nah, nah, nah) It’s your love your juggling me You d on’t know that you been all mine (nah, nah, nah) I’m the only one you wanted (nah, nah, … Continue reading Txtin